29 New APIs: Facebook Games, Amazon Email and PicPlz Photo Filters

This week we had 29 new APIs added to our API directory including an email sending service, real-time geosocial photosharing service, library catalog classification service, interactive voice response platform and sales and CRM service. We looked into a number of these APIs on the blog. Below you'll find a run-down of those blog posts, as well as more details on each of the 29 new APIs.

Facebook, Amazon, MapQuest, SlideShare and PicPlz all had new APIs that we covered on the blog:

And now, a run-down of all the new APIs added to our directory.

Amazon SESAmazon SES API: Amazon Simple Email Service, or SES, provides cloud-based email as a service. Amazon SES simplifies sending emails from applications being hosted on services such as Amazon EC2. Because email services are often used by spammers, Amazon SES provides each user with a quota. EC2 users can send 2,000 emails per day for free.

The service allows developers to send either raw email or formatted email using Amazon's SMTP servers. Any spam complaints or other issues bubble back up to the developer. Similar to other Amazon Web Services, Amazon SES charges per gigabyte for transfer in and out of its systems.

Angel OutBoundAngel OutBound API: Angel.com provides interactive voice response systems for what it calls "on-demand customer experience solutions." The company's platform specifically addresses the retail, pharmaceutical, financial, high tech, healthcare, telecommunications and travel industries. However, the Angel OutBound API provides tools so that any developer can programatically instruct Angel.com to place phone calls on your behalf.

The API supports both SOAP and XML-RPC protocols and returns results in XML.

BetafaceBetaface API: From the developer
Betaface offers facial recognition-based media indexing platform for navigating, searching and monetizing multimedia content. Our solution is designed for news and entertainment media projects, advertisers, media content producers, TV and broadcasting industry, video and image archives, digital services providers and others. Our goal is to open up new navigation, categorization and search possibilities of rich media assets.

The Open Web API gives users the ability to build Betaface powered applications. It uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in either XML or JSON.

Webservice is Beta, please contact us if you notice issues. More recognition and face measurements functions will be added soon.

Shared demo login: testuser password: betafacetest

Sample webservice client (C#.Net):

BookshareBookshare API: Bookshare is a service that aims to provide books and periodical to those readers with print disabilities (such as blindness, a learning disability, or a physical disability). Bookshare also provides a RESTful API for developers who wish to create their own applications around Bookshare's service.

BuiltWithBuiltWith API: BuiltWith provides technology and SEO profiles for any site on the Internet. The service provides the server, analytics, advertising, JavaScript libraries, programming language/framework and other technical information. Further, the SEO profile shows top keywords and phrases.

The BuildWith API provides programmatic access to BuiltWith's data. Free accounts must provide attribution, but paid accounts (starting at $9 per month or $99 per year for 500 lookups) can use the data without attribution.

eRepublikeRepublik API: Online strategy game eRepublik is used by over 200,000 active players internationally. The site calls itself the "first massive online social strategy game" and invites you to "change the world and rewrite history. Over 1 million people have already done that, according to eRepublik. The eRepublik API--or eAPI, as it's called--can be used to retrieve game data in a developer-friendly format (supports both XML and JSON). The eAPI also offers functions to interact with the game's ecosystem.

Your application can access detailed information within the eRepublik game regarding regions, countries, wars, companies and citizens. You can also learn about markets, industries and battles.

The eAPI documentation covers a 17 page PDF.

ExtractivExtractiv API: Extractiv is a service which automatically converts unstructured text into structured semantic data. It combines an extremely fast web crawler with powerful natural language processing technology. Extractiv has two APIs; the On-Demand platform allows a user to upload their own documents or URLs to be processed one-at-a-time and the Crawling platform lets users create crawling jobs to crawl the web and process its content. Both APIs use RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in XML and JSON.

Facebook CreditsFacebook Credits API: The Facebook Credits API enables a user to use credits as a method for purchasing digital and virtual goods within an application. A user places an order by clicking a "Pay with Facebook" button. The order gets submitted to Facebook through JavaScript. Based on the contents of the 'order_info' parameter passed to Facebook and Facebook gets the item details. Responses are formatted in JSON.

MapQuest Open GuidanceMapQuest Open Guidance API: The MapQuest Open Guidance API allows developers to create mobile navigation applications. Rather than simply providing the geometry of a route and narrative directions, the Guidance API shares the graph and nodes of the streets. Developers can use the service, along with the user's current location, to determine what street a user is passing and whether the user needs to turn.

The MapQuest Open Guidance API is built on OpenStreetMap data. Like other open MapQuest services, this one is made available free of charge and without limits. The RESTful API returns either XML or JSON.

MetriDyneMetriDyne API: MetriDyne is a database containing real-time measurements accumulates. For example, the Sevier River Water Users Association in Central Utah uses MetriDyne to collect and disseminate up-to-the-minute canal, river and reservoir information. The MetriDyne API allows authorized parties to query the MetriDyne database for data and metadata. The service provides categories, stations, sensors, intervals and webcams.

MomentMoment API: The Moment API allows users to send scheduled HTTP requests to their app to trigger server-side processes or pull data from any public resource for the app to analyze. The API allows users to schedule new jobs, update a scheduled job or delete a scheduled job. It uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

NolaProNolaPro API: NolaPro is accounting software that comes as either an installable or hosted version. The product includes support for accounts receivable/payable, inventory tracking, payroll and more. The API provides read/write access to much of the service's functionality.

OAS LocationOAS Location API: OAS Location is part of the Open API Service (OAS), a suite of telephony tools that unify mobile carrier network APIs. The OAS Location API provides access to a device's location using either cell-sector accuracy or GPS, if available. Once subscribers have opted in, finding their location is a single call to "getlocation."

OAS Location works on a number of networks because the Open API Service has global connections and multi-carrier agreements. The OAS Location API is REST-ful and returns XML.

OCLC ClassifyOCLC Classify API: The OCLC is a nonprofit computer library service and research organization which maintains WorldCat, a global network of library content. The OCLC Classify API is an experimental classification web service meant to aid libraries in classifying books, documents and media. You can look up an item by ISBN or various other identifiers, as well as search by title or author.

Onboard Lifestyle SearchOnboard Lifestyle Search API: Onboard Informatics helps real estate, media, and technology companies provide answers to user questions through their Lifestyle Listings Engine. This API is part of a suite of four APIs provided.

The Onboard Lifestyle Search Engine is an API designed to allow website developers to integrate lifestyle search ("best places") into websites. It may be used on broker websites, MLS websites, real estate portals and any other site or application where lifestyle search is relevant.

Documentation is not publicly available on the web site.

Onboard Points of InterestOnboard Points of Interest API: Onboard Informatics helps real estate, media, and technology companies provide answers to user questions through their Lifestyle Listings Engine. This API is part of a suite of four APIs provided.

The Points of Interest API gives the consumer an instant picture of their prospective community. Corresponding Yelp! reviews and ratings bring the voice of the neighborhood to life. The API gives users access to search categories including: Eateries, Health care, Shopping, Places of worship and more.

Documentation is not publicly available on the web site.

Onboard Property SearchOnboard Property Search API: Onboard Informatics helps real estate, media, and technology companies provide answers to user questions through their Lifestyle Listings Engine. A suite of four APIs is provided.

The Property Search Engine XML API provides recent home sales to the consumer and gives insight in to how the local market is performing. This in turn gives the buyer or seller more data to analyze as they decide if they want to buy or sell a house. Based on a national database of over 30 million transactions, the API lets users search by address, zip code, lat/long or Property ID (unique to Onboard).

Documentation is not publicly available on the web site.

OnSugarOnSugar API: OnSugar is a free hosted blogging service. You can write posts, share media, create galleries and integrate third party ads into your site. The OnSugar API provides read/write access to posts in six types (text, picture, chat, link, quote and video), as well as read access to users and friend connections. Interestingly, since blog posts are public, all read methods are also public, not requiring authentication.

Overlay.TVOverlay.TV API: Overlay.TV helps online retailers create, manage
and deliver interactive video experiences by providing free tools for content, video creators and social media users to add updated links, text and images from their site on-demand. The Overlay.TV API provides developers with the tools to programmatically create, update and access the "overlays" that can be added to existing videos.

PicPlzPicPlz API: Photo sharing mobile application picplz has a new API that has entered beta. The service provides read/write access to the picplz platform for sharing and editing photos. Developers can upload photos and use filter effects including "Instant Film," "Russian Toy Camera," "the 70s" and "High Contrast Monochrome." The API also provides read access to others' photos. Like its mobile apps, the API likely lets you add a caption and tag your location.

Pinnacle CartPinnacle Cart API: Pinnacle Cart is a shopping cart service that can either be installed on your own server or hosted for a monthly fee. The Pinnacle Cart API provides read-only access to a number of functions which return data within the Pinnacle Cart system. You can retrieve customer count, individual customers, inventory and information on orders. There are also product-related functions to return data about products, as well as the categories used to organize them.

The service supports both true SOAP and a SOAP-like RESTful protocols (focused on remote procedure calls rather than resources). For the latter protocol, Pinnacle Cart supports both XML and JSON.

PipeJumpPipeJump API: PipeJump calls itself a "simple CRM for effective sales tracking." The service provides tiered pricing centered around "deals" that you are currently working on. You can send deals via email, embed a form on your site or set email reminders for followups. The PipeJump API provides read/write access to deals, clients, contacts and sources. Create your own interface to the PipeJump CRM.

There are currently no limits to the PipeJump API, though an account is required to use it. The service is RESTful, returning either XML or JSON.

Retweet RankRetweet Rank API: "Retweet Rank is the standard to determine influencers on twitter based on retweets. This API provides data about top influencers. You can also fetch any twitter user's retweet rank and percentile. The retweets API returns old fashined retweets as well as new ones via the retweet button."

ShopSenseShopSense API: ShopStyle is a search engine devoted to fashion that lets users shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, wedding dresses and more. The ShopStyle API allows client applications to retrieve the underlying data for all the basic elements of the ShopStyle websites, including products, brands, retailers, categories, and looks. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in either XML, JSON or RSS.

SimpleTextSimpleText API: SimpleText.ws has a public API so that other applications can sync with users' data. SimpleText.ws stores users' writing, notes, and to-do lists online and keeps it synced between their work, home, and devices like the iPhone. SimpleText.ws merges changes so that data is never lost. Using the API, users can pull data stored on SimpleText.ws and store it on their own servers. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

Simwood eSMSSimwood eSMS API: "This API enables authorised wholesale customers of Simwood to, find, allocate and manage inbound numbers (both DDI/DID and non-geographic) as well as control other aspects of their account. It is intended to enable the control and issue of numbers to be integrated with customer software and web-sites and is not designed for direct end user use." Users of this API are also able to send Faxes and SMS messages

SlideShare PlayerSlideShare Player API: SlideShare is a platform for anyone to store, present and share their presentations. Users upload Powerpoint, Keynote or other presentation files to be converted into the Flash-based SlideShare viewer. With the SlideShare Player API, developers can write JavaScript to interact directly with the player. For example, developers can advance slides based on interaction outside the player, or time and pause the slides to a video playing alongside the SlideShare viewer.

SnaprSnapr API: The Snapr API can be used to add real-time geosocial photosharing features to an app and even build up a self contained customised photo sharing site. Snapr is a service for sharing geo-tagged images. On Snapr user photos are shown with other peoples shots from around the same time and place. Snapr provides an iPhone app and connects with Twitter. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted as JSON or RSS.

Weather CentralWeather Central API: From the developer
The Ultimate Data Feed from Weather Central gives you the tools to build your own comprehensive weather web page. XML data for current conditions from the National Weather Service and forecast data from Weather Central's patented MicroCast model provide you with the highest quality data available, while icon sets and weather maps give your site a professional look. Public documentation is not available.


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