29 New APIs: URL Shortening, Domain Registration and Email Marketing

This week we had 29 new APIs added to our API directory including a translation service, event management service, mobile advertising platform, two-way sms service, URL shortener, cloud-based application management service, email marketing service, band and concert search tool and domain registration service. Below is more detail on each of these new APIs.

ActBlueActBlue API: The ActBlue API provides programmatic access to much of ActBlue's data. ActBlue helps individuals and organizations raise money for Democratic candidates and committees across the country. The ActBlue API covers three broad areas: entity information and fundraising page management, access to public fundraising totals broken out in various ways, and access to detailed contribution records. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

AddThis ServicesAddThis Services API: AddThis is a free way to boost traffic back to your site by making it easier for visitors to share your content. With the AddThis Services API, combined with the "oExchange sharing endpoints, and the personalization information provided by the User Data API, you now have all the same tools as the official AddThis menu." Developers can use the Services API as an alternative to the JavaScript-based AddThis Menu API.

ApertiumApertium API: Apertium is a free/open-source machine translation platform. Aperitum offers a web-based RESTful API, with an available JavaScript library for JavaScript applications, and a XML-RPC API for desktop applications. The API has the option to register for an API Key in order to overcome the API calls per IP address restriction. The API allows developers to use Aperitum's translation services in their own applications without having to install Aperitum.

AvacasterAvacaster API: Avacaster is a webcasting and webconferencing solution. The Avacaster API is a RESTful or SOAP based API that lets users manage and edit their events on their Avacaster server. Users can create or duplicate events, get the status of the event, add users to the event, and create polls, quizzes, and archives. Authentication requires a username and password for every call and data is returned in an XML or JSON format.

BlueVia AdvertisingBlueVia Advertising API: Display ads to mobile users with the BlueVia Advertising API. BlueVia is a developer initiative from communications company Telefónica. The Advertising API provides both text and image ads via a REST API. Developers can them take the elements of the advertisement and display it in a method appropriate for their applications.

BlueVia SMSBlueVia SMS API: Send and receive SMS messages with the BlueVia SMS API. BlueVia is a developer initiative from communications company Telefónica. The SMS API helps you include two-way SMS functionality in your applications. To receive messages, you register a keyword with one of the BlueVia short codes (which differ by country). Free SMS credits are available for testing.

BlueVia User ContextBlueVia User Context API: BlueVia is a developer initiative from communications company Telefónica. The BlueVia User Context service aims to help developers access network-based information. Developers with permission from the user can access location, device information and the user's profile data.

Digest ReportDigest Report API: Digest Report is an independent journalism website to help aspiring, as well as experienced writers. The site enabled writers to expose their work to a wide audience and interact with readers. The Digest Report API currently provides access to retrieve stories by identifier, category or popularity. The service is currently in beta, but additional retrieval functions, as well as writable methods are planned.

DoneDone API: Done is a simple, online task management tool. It allows users to focus on their current tasks, anything else is 'shifted' to another day. The Done API allows developers to embed Done's task management tools into their own applications.

Duck Duck GoDuck Duck Go API: This API gives users free access to the information powering many of the Duck Duck Go Zero-click Info boxes, which provide topic summaries, categories, disambiguation and more. Duck Duck Go is a search engine that provides Zero-click Info, more privacy, less spam, !bang syntax and more. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

EasyEthicalEasyEthical API: EasyEthical is a free, community-built ethical consumer guide that helps users make ethical choices when they shop. The API lets users access the information in this system for other external applications. It uses RESTfup protocol and responses are formatted in either XML, JSON, RSS or HTML.

Joind.inJoind.in API: Joind.in is a service that allows communication between conference attendees and speakers. Attendees can post their comments directly to each conference they attended, giving the speakers feedback on how they did and what they can improve on. Speakers can also track comments made about their presentations to see how changes in their talk might affect their ratings. The Joind.in API allows for the fetching and updating of information in Joind.in's database.

Joker.comJoker.com API: This API gives users access to the Reseller control panel; a lightweight Web-based solution designed to fit the needs of resellers having more than a few domains. Joker.com is a domain name registration service. The API is a Joker.com domain registration system offered as Web service. It uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Kaavo Web ServicesKaavo Web Services API: Kaavo Web services allows users to programmatically interact with IMOD. Kaavo provides solutions for managing distributed applications and workloads in the clouds. Kaavo's core product, Infrastructure and Middleware On Demand (IMOD), makes it easier for individuals and businesses to leverage on-demand infrastructure and run secure and scalable web services and applications in the cloud. With the API, users can programmatically deploy and manage SaaS, PaaS, and Custom applications on Public, Private, and Hybrid IaaS layers; e.g. Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, IBM Cloud, vCloud, Eucalyptus, alt. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

KillerTours.comKillerTours.com API: A RESTful API with response formats of XML and JSON, users can search for upcoming shows and concerts listed on KillerTours.com (cannot search for past shows/concerts). Users can search by date, band name, or address (city, state, country, zip code).

KynetxKynetx API: Kynetx is an event-driven application platform that helps you build context-aware apps in the cloud. Kynetx apps look for events and user context (like geo-location, session behavior, weather and more) and fire actions based on conditions across any URL.

LiveTimeLiveTime API: LiveTime's Web Services Interface enables third party applications to interact directly with the LiveTime application in a secure and controlled fashion. LiveTime Software is a vendor of Cloud based ITIL Service Management and Help Desk software. The API allows developers to authenticate users, retrieve user, item and organiztion info and more. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

LoxcelLoxcel API: This API allows developers to manage, display and optimize large volumes of content on a map-based application. These web services support mobile/smartphone-based deployments. For example, the service helps developers cluster large amounts of data so that a map can load in a timely manner. The API uses RESTful protocol.

Missatsamtal.seMissatsamtal.se API: Missatsamtal.se is a community-driven database of callers in Sweden. Users post phone numbers of telemarketers and companies or unknown phone numbers. Other users can use this data to find out who unknown numbers are. The Missatsamtal.se API is a RESTful API that has two parts; a Search part and a Post part. The Search part is useful for looking up numbers and returning data in an XML or JSON format. The Post part can be used for posting numbers to the database, or commenting on existing numbers. (API Key required for posting data through the API only; can use the search feature of the API without a Key)

myAzimiamyAzimia API: myAzimia.org offers a Peer2Peer microfinance software solution, including full PayPal integration, loan management, multiple currencies, customer database management, and investor social networking. The myAzimia.org API allows access to the myAzimia.org database in order to display myAzimia.org data on external websites; data in the database cannot be updated/edited with the API.

MyBikeLaneMyBikeLane API: MyBikeLane is a site that documents cars parking illegally in bike lanes. Its sister site, UncivilServants, tracks other types of illegally parked cars, including those by government workers. The MyBikeLane.com API is a read-only tool for accessing the data stored on the MyBikelane.com and UncivilServants.org database. Request supported cities, then retrieve posts, violations, permits and agencies. The API uses simple HTTP query strings to request data and the data is returned in either JSON (default) or XML format.

RezoraRezora API: Rezora is a company that provides online marketing tools for Real Estate Professionals. Rezora's RESTful API allows developers to create and manage Rezora account resources, such as agents, contacts, and distribution lists. API is called via HTTP and data is returned in JSON, XML, or pipe-delimited CSV formats.

SendLabsSendLabs API: A SOAP-based Email Marketing API from SendLabs. The API allows developers to create their own applications around the tools provided by SendLabs.

Shr.ImShr.Im API: Shr.Im is a website that lets users sign in with their Twitter accounts to create short URLs and share them with other users. The Shr.Im API allows developers to embed the Shr.Im tools into their own applications.

TSheetsTSheets API: TSheets provides easy to use, accurate, time tracking software for small to medium business owners. The TSheets RESTful API allows developers to integrate the TSheets Time Tracking Software into their own websites and applications. Authentication requires an API Key and users are required to log on with their username and password. All data is returned in XML or JSON format.

TuneFindTuneFind API: TuneFind contains an index of music and songs appearing in popular television shows and movies. Find a song, or see where an artist's music has been featured. The TuneFind API is a RESTful API that allows developers to create applications that access data from TuneFind's database. All data is returned in JSON or XML format. Access to the API is requires permission or licensing.

X.nuX.nu API: "X.NU allows developers to interact with the website via an Application Programming Interface (API). If you are planning to use X.NU to create short or customized URLs, do it for free through simple HTTP GET requests." The X.NU API is authenticated with an API Key, and all information is returned in a JSON format.

YellowBot LocationYellowBot Location API: This API lets users search for businesses within the US, display business information, get ratings and reviews, etc. JSON-formatted responses are provided. YellowBot is a local search site for finding and reviewing the places in the local community (and elsewhere). Documentation for this API is provided upon request.

YellowBot Reputation ManagementYellowBot Reputation Management API: This API provides reputation & presence management of businesses. Business reputations are monitored online and provided in an API. Sentiment analysis is used and recommendations are given. YellowBot is a local search site for finding and reviewing the places in the local community (and elsewhere). Documentation for the API is available upon request.

Adam DuVander The former ProgrammableWeb Executive Editor, Adam is an API expert now helping regular people connect them at Zapier. Previously he worked at API companies SendGrid and Orchestrate, and wrote for Wired and Webmonkey. Adam is also the author of mapping API cookbook Map Scripting 101. Find him at AdamD.org.

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