2Checkout Releases Payment API

2Checkout, a worldwide leader in payment services, has released a new Payment API. The API allows online merchants to integrate 2Checkout’s payment processing engine directly into third party websites. Because the API is directly integrated with third party websites, merchants can maintain a customized User Experience that best suits business needs. With worldwide access, world class security, and simple Integration; 2Checkout’s API offering brings new value to existing and potential clients.

In payment processing, security is of the utmost concern. 2Checkout CEO, Shawn Budde, addressed:

"We're the only payment vendor that uses both JavaScript Encryption on the data and exchanges it for a non-reversible token. We are unwavering in our focus on protecting our merchants from customer fraud….Using our technology, the merchant is no-longer liable for credit card breaches and there's no need for them to get PCI level-1 compliance on their own, since we take full responsibility for all of that."

Online merchants can use 2Checkout for credit card, debit card, and PayPal payments. 2Checkout can process payments in 26 different currencies around the world and is flexible enough to handle recurring billing on weekly, monthly, or yearly schedule. Now, the API has been released from beta, but those who have tested the API have had nothing but praise. Bill Albert, STEMfinity CEO, commented:

"2Checkout's APIs were a breeze to implement on our website, and they let us keep total control over our branded shopping experience….2Checkout's technology gave us the broadest selection of payment options to choose from, and we were able to migrate gracefully from our previous checkout method to Payment API. We are now expanding our online sales into international markets with a locally-accepted and proven payment system, and avoiding the expensive pitfalls of expansion."

After API integration, buyers place orders directly in the third party website (no redirection to 2Checkout). Using basic HTML form, merchants collect credit card information and then use 2Checkout’s 2co.js JavaScript Library to convert the information into a secure token. To learn more, visit the API docs.

2Checkout has long been a leader in payment processing. Its hosted capabilities have brought in tens of thousands of merchant users. Now, its API strategy should expand its base as it seamlessly integrates with merchant sites. Merchants can focus on a single user experience without struggling through the hassle of third party payment processing.

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