3 Implementations That Highlight the Value of Webhooks

Webhooks are a fantastic tool for monitoring changes to an Endpoint that is far more efficient than the Resource-intensive Polling that used to be the norm. In a recent article for InfoWorld, Mark Geene discusses some impressive webhook deployments.
Webhooks are made up of three main components. Your Payload URL is where message payloads will be delivered to. The Content_Type defines the media type of the response. Finally, Events are the actions that will trigger a message. Using these components, developers can configure their own webhook URL to accept external webhooks sent as HTTP POST requests.
Exposing your API to webhooks allows for tighter and more efficient communications between you and your partners.
Quickbooks – New webhooks were one of Intuit’s most requested features since people want to know what’s going on with their money as soon as it happens. Quickbooks’ webhooks notify connected applications as soon as there is a change to fields such as SalesReceipt, BillPayment, or Purchase.
Facebook – With the staggering amount of information Facebook has available, their webhooks cover almost the full range. Virtually every field on Facebook can be pulled from consumer or business accounts to send updates for aggregate data collection functions.
Microsoft Dynamics CRMChanges at customers and prospects can have a significant effect on sales and marketing. Microsoft Dynamics’ custom workflow activities gather this change data and events from third-party Web services integrations, pulling them into the company CRM for improved efficiency.
Webhooks increase the value of APIs to developers, serving as a foundation for highly variable Integration Platform as a service (iPaaS), removing the need for middleware when developing and deploying cloud-based solutions. They expand your market reach while simultaneously providing a better User Experience, and could be a valuable addition to your current project.

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