3 Mashup Contests End This Week

If you check our Mashup Contests Guide you'll see there have been lots of new updates lately. Some contests have closed, others updated and a few are about to end. There are 6 contests underway at the moment with 3 of them ending them this week:

  • Tibco Ultimate Mashup Contest: You can see more about this in our news coverage last month. It's in support of their PageBus product and prizes include a 50 Inch Plasma HDTV and 30GB Video iPod.
  • SharedBook Open API Challenge: The SharedBook API lets you create custom printed books from online content. Create a mashup with it and have a chance to win an OpenMoko phone, an iPhone or $500 cash. Winners will be announced on October 15th.
  • TeleAtlas Maps in Apps 2007: Open to all applications using TeleAtlas data, "This contest is for consumer and business applications that are not LBS focused, but include mapping or location as a functionality enhancement." Prizes include $25,000 cash, $50,000 in mapping data; 2 runners-up get $10,000 cash and $20,000 map data. (One related update on this one comes from ProgrammableWeb sponsor WHERE who have now partnered with Tele Atlas to allow mobile GPS entries in their contest to also be submitted to the Tele Atlas competition. Double your chances.)

And as quick API directory update, we just added a few new APIs yesterday which brings the total up to 520 API's in the listings.


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Hi John, Thank you for mentioning SharedBook's API contest. I just want to let your readers know that we extended the entry deadline to Oct. 31, and revenue share opportunities were added for all participants this week. Additional details can be found on the contest page of this site.