3 New APIs for Gamers: World of Warcraft in 3D, LEGO and GamePro

One of the most active categories of APIs added to our web service directory was the games category. 3 of the 10 latest APIs were game or toy-related. There's a new API for accessing 3D data for World of Warcraft, an API for LEGO information, and an API that gets you information on 11,000 game titles from 20 different game platforms. This means there are now 30 game-related APIs in our directory. Here are more details on each of the latest (have fun):

3DArmory3DArmory API: 3DArmory.com is the socialized World of Warcraft Armory alternative with 3D Models and galleries. Within the site, you can discuss, comment and rate toons, and screenshots. 3DArmory.com provides JavaScript tools to 3rd party websites for using armory data.

CubiculusCubiculus API: Cubiculus provides large sets of Lego building instruction, lego set reference and other LEGO related informations. Registered users can track their LEGO collections. The Cubiculus API allows developers to integrate Cubiculus LEGO resources with their applications. Example uses include animating your pages with building instruction or LEGO set informations; or create mobile applications for building instruction or LEGO set information.

GameProGamePro API: Gamepro offers a database of content for gamers and developers that includes: 11,000 game titles on 20 different game platforms, 18 types of meta data for most game titles such as video, screens, and ratings, 250 news articles and game reviews being written each month. The API lets you develop a custom Feed of any element of GamePro's content database that you want. Available data includes Game Catalog Data, Ratings and Reviews, Industry News, Video and Screens, and Cheats. Note that folks at GamePro are also running a developer contest to promote their API.

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