3 New APIs: Google Issue Tracker, Ericsson Mobile Location, and 80 Legs Search

This past week we had a variety of new APIs added to our API directory including a commercial search API (which we reported on in A Contest To See If Your Search Idea Has Legs), a mobile location positioning API from Ericsson Labs, and a new service from Google: their Issue Tracker Data API. More details on each of these below:

80legs80legs API: 80legs is a service platform for web crawling and processing web content. The 80legs API gives developers a simple programmatic interface with access the functionality that 80legs provides outside of the web portal. This is a fee based service.

Ericsson Mobile LocationEricsson Mobile Location API: The Ericsson Mobile Location API provides developers with client-side positioning through cell-ID look-up. The look-up has information about the positions of mobile network cells globally, although not 100% coverage. Ericsson Labs holds APIs, resources, offerings, and various expert commentaries, produced by Ericsson.

IssueTracker DataIssueTracker Data API: Google's Issue Tracker Data API lets client applications view and update issues on Project Hosting on Google Code in the form of Google Data API feeds. Client apps can "use the Issue Tracker Data API to add new issues and comments, request lists of issues, request issue comments for an issue, edit existing issues, and query for issues that match a particular criteria."


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