3 New APIs: Placecast, Socrata, and Sony Ericsson's TrackID Music Service

In addition to the the new APIs we highlighted earlier this week, there are plenty of other new entries in our API directory. Some of the notable new APIs include a location based advertising API from Placecast, an open Platform for data sharing from Socrata, and a new service from Sony Ericsson for music identification and music chart access. More on each of these APIs below:

Placecast Placecast API: The Placecast Match API is a free tool that enables location content providers and location-based application developers to refer to a location in any number of ways, and validate that those references resolve to one true location on the planet. The Placecast Match API aims to be "transparent and neutral, and allow everyone to talk to everyone in the location-based (LBS) ecosystem".

Socrata Open Data Socrata Open Data API: Socrata is "an online community for producers, publishers, and consumers of data". Through a suite of web services Socrata provides a platform for social data discovery. The Socrata API offers a set of REST resources you can use to manage Socrata entities and data.

Sony Ericsson Track IDSony Ericsson Track ID API: The TrackID Web Service API provides access to location-enabled music charts and is part of the Sony Ericsson OpenAPI program. This API will allow application developers to identify music and access charts along with them.

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