3 New APIs: Real Estate in Reverse, Flash Games, and Runners

This week we had 13 new APIs added to our API directory and will soon have 2,000 listed. Some of the more interesting new entries include an API for real estate buyers, a Flash games directory API, and an API for runners. More on each of these below:

National Buyer Listing ServiceNational Buyer Listing Service API: National Buyer Listing Service is "the first national listing service of pre-approved residential real estate buyers. It is a marketplace where buyers anonymously post their requirements to the web and receive offers from eager sellers. It's real estate in reverse."

The NationalBLS Partner API allows real estate websites to give access to prospective buyers and their requirements, which is not currently common practice. The API is free to any registered partner of NationalBLS.

NewHazeNewHaze API: The NewHaze API enables websites to be able to add games from the Library to their websites. NewHaze is a gaming website that catalogs online Flash games and currently has over 20,000 games in their directory. The API is accessed via HTTP POST and can return either JSON or XML. The API supports OAuth and PHP samples are available.

RunSaturdayRunSaturday API: RunSaturday is a "website designed to assist you in achieving your training, exercise and fitness goals, whether that be a new personal best time in a half marathon, losing some weight, or just creating a track of a wonderful walk in the mountains. You can use a wide range of GPS enabled tracking devices and phones to log your activity, and then benefit from lots of tools to analyze and share your data across your blogs, online training logs or any other websites."

RunSaturday has a REST API for data access and a SOAP API for data upload.

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