3 New APIs: UK Postal Address Lookup, IP to Timezone Lookup, and Realtime Feed Search

This week we had 30 new APIs added to our API directory. We continue seeing a lot of growth in new APIs this year and it brings our total size of our directory to 1921 APIs. Some of the most interesting new entries include a UK postal address lookup API, and API to convert IP to timezone, and a realtime Feed search API. More on each of these APIs below:

IPInfoDB TimezoneIPInfoDB Timezone API: IPInfoDB is a free IP address geolocation tool. This API allows developers to get current GMT offset for a specific country and region. Timezone database in SQL format associated with world countries and region with all timestamps of daylight saving time (DST). The data for each zone is from the tz database and the association of countries regions was made manually with Statoids.

CraftyClicks UK Postal Address LookupCraftyClicks UK Postal Address Lookup API: The CraftyClciks Web Service gives access to the Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF). The RESTful API takes a UK post code as input and returns a list of matching addresses. Responses are in XML format. The trial is free, but subscription is needed to use on a live system.

FacteryFactery API: Factery has developed FactRank technology to "mine real-time feeds and web content for the purpose of providing simple, short answers to user queries". You decide the sources to use and can search Twitter, Digg, or a standard search engine.

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