3 New APIs

Here's a sampling of some of the new APIs added to this site's database in the past month:

  • WSRelater: What is it? An interesting new service, currently in alpha, from Chris Law and Paul Martino's AggregateKnowledge service. As they describe:
    WSRelater is a web service for suggesting items of interest to a user based on the behavior and relationships of previous users. The value of this service is adding a "other people who liked this item might like these items" function to your website. Since this service is available on an Open API the objective is to create a cross website behavioral model to get the best possible results. This network effect across all websites that use this system will enable excellent repeat usage of their suggestion model because of the great serendipity of the results.

  • Vazu: An API for SMS services. From their site:
    This program gives you a license key that will let you send free text messages to any mobile phone in the United States, and it is perfect for prototyping, testing, and small-scale applications.

  • Blogwise: Is a simple API for requesting that a given blog URL be added to their service (the API is really not much different than a basic HTML form submission).


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