3 New Government APIs

In the past two weeks 3 new APIs tagged with "government" have been added to our listings. As noted earlier this week in Mashup Congress, Win Money, as more government provided and politically-related data is made available via APIs, the mashup opportunities are bound to increase. As of now, 6 APIs here are tagged government.

  • TheyWorkForYou : UK-based non-partisan website run by a charity which aims to make it easy for people to keep tabs on their elected and unelected representatives in Parliament and other assemblies.
  • Sunlight Labs: Gets you programmatic access to details of the 110th Congress. To ease map mashup development it also includes latitude and longitude of districts.
  • Who is my Representative: A simple tool for a simple task. Simply enter your zip code and information on your representation in Congress will be returned to you in XML.

Total APIs in the directory is now 388. See them all here.

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