3 New Mashups for Finding Music Videos

Want to find videos, music samples or the latest news for your favorite band or musician? Over the past few weeks we've seen a fair number of new mashups added here designed to help you search for music artists and information about them. The data mashed-up includes music tracks, photos, news, artist history, and videos, with video search becoming increasingly common. Here are three of the latest from the last week alone (APIs used in this set include Last.fm, YouTube, MusicBrainz and the Amazon E-commerce API):

  • musicmesh: Use musicmesh as a web-based music exploration tool. Browse through a dynamically generated graph of albums that are similar to your seed album. Listen to tracks and watch videos as you browse.
  • Coast Rack: Coast Rack searches for artists tracks and their videos from sources including Last.fm, MusicBrainz, and YouTube.
  • Visual YouTube: Enter your search terms into Visual YouTube and then see 50 thumbnails of videos. Hover over one for a description and click it to play the video. Also lists web, news, blog, image, and book search results.

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