3 Ways to Track Your Rank on Twitter

Do you use Twitter? Then you really must find out where you fare in these Twitter mashups, which use your tweets, your followers and a number of other factors to determine your rank (or so the following 3 services want you to do, some of the 250 Twitter mashups listed here). The results are indisputable, but if you don't like what one has to say, try another!


Twitalyzer evaluates your Twitter activity in five categories: influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity and clout (our Twitalyzer profile). Depending on how you use Twitter, you may find the criteria to be the opposite of what you'd expect, but the categorization is interesting. Browse the top 100 users and see if you can learn something.

TweetValue helps you appraise your Twitter account with a dollar value. Thank goodness! Now when you're ready to sell, you'll know what to charge! You can tell they know what they're doing, because their Twitter account was suspended. More at our Tweetvalue profile.

Twitter Grader

Twitter Grader is for those who prefer a more academic approach. Or, at least, something that looks more like what teachers hand back to students. Get a score, up to 100, and learn how you rank amongst the millions who have used the service. It claims to look for power, reach and authority, so your followers (and whether they interact with you) will play a role in your grade. And there's also a Twitter Grader API.

And yes, you can follow Programmable Web on Twitter.

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