30 Community APIs: Seesmic, Social Actions and Creative Commons

Our API directory now includes 30 community APIs. The newest is the Crypto::Stocks API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Seesmic API. We list 3 Seesmic mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of community APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 24 community REST APIs and 4 community SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 20 community JSON APIs and 15 community XML APIs.

The most common tags within community are 16 social community APIs, 3 collaboration community APIs and 3 games community APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 10 community mashups. We named Amazigg as mashup of the day in April 2011.

For reference, here is a list of all 30 community APIs.

  AMEX OPEN Forum API: Access small business content

  CardMeeting API: Online collaboration service

  ChurchCommunityBuilder API: Church Organizational Service

  CityGroups API: Local public directory

  Coderwall Profile API: User profile data service

  Creative Commons API: Licensing engine Integration

  Crypto::Stocks API: Crpyto-Currency Crowdfunding Service

  ecofreek API: Search engine for free or swap items

  GameBanana API: Video Game Customization Service

  Geeklist API: Online programming community

  GroupMe API: Social bookmarking

  HammerWiki War API: Online Gaming Service

  Leverage Software API: Online community and collaboration service

  Little Bird API: Topic and community engagement application

  myFeedz API: Blog services

  NY Senate API: New York state Senate data access

  Open New York Farmers Markets in New York State API: New York state farmers markets data

  Patch API: Community-specific news and information service

  Punkrock.org API: Punk Music Community Service

  QuarkRank API: Consumer reviews service

  RunKeeper Health Graph API: Health & fitness tracking service

  Seesmic API: Video dashboard and community

  Social Actions API: Volunteer and charity opportunities services

  Stanford University Workgroup API: University community group manager

  TaskRabbit API: Task and errand contract labor service

  The Web Blend API: Technology, design, and development news online community

  tos-dr API: Terms of Service Rating Service

  TrafficViolators API: Community traffic watch initiative

  uBoost API: Community engagement and motivation service

  Z33K Tournament API API: Online gaming tournament Platform

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