30 Games Mashups

There are now 30 games-related mashups on ProgrammableWeb. Some are of course better than others. The most common APIs used are Google Maps and Flickr, although there's an Amazon one thrown-in as well. Here's a rundown of some of them:

  • FlickrSudoku: Mashup of a popular online sudoku player and Flickr. Sudoku player courtesy sudoku.com.au.
  • Fastr: A fun little Flickr game in which you view a set of ten images and try to guess the common tag. Time based scoring.
  • Google Maps Quiz: Challenging map game. Match the close-up satellite image with its location on the world map
  • ScoreSum: Tests how good you are at guessing peoples Hot-or-Not ratings, with an added twist. Somewhat similar is the Guess Who is Hotter game. As it says.
  • Find the Landmark: Test your knowledge of US landmarks with interactive, timer-based Google Maps game.
  • flicktionary: Test your guessing skills and flickr picture choosing skills in this fun twist on pictionary. Beware -- some people tag photos quite liberally.
  • Relate-a-zon: Six Degrees of Amazon recommended products. Complete missions like Find your way from DeWalt drill to the book American Psycho. Least hops or money spent earns a spot on the highscore. Fun game.

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