30 New APIs: Beats Music, HollyStock Celebrity, and Postcard

This week, we had 30 new APIs added to our API directory including a social media tool for real estate agents, a mobile advertising platform, and an in-application purchasing platform. We also covered devices, data, and developers at SXSW 2014.

A3 UltimateA3 Ultimate API: A3 Ultimate is an online platform from which A3 players can perform in-game tasks. A3 - short for Art, Alive, Attraction - is an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game). The A3 Ultimate REST API allows users to access the game's crafting guide, item options, and item information system programmatically. The API is still under development, and additional features and improvements are expected.

AirPushAirPush API: AirPush is a mobile advertising network. AirPush offers a variety of features and tools for advertisers, mobile application publishers, and developers. The AirPush API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of AirPush with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

AmplitudeAmplitude API: Amplitude is a mobile analytics platform. Amplitude provides data and statistics and information about mobile applications to inform decision making by the mobile application publishers and developers. The Amplitude API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Amplitude with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving data, managing users, and pulling reports.

Beats MusicBeats Music API: Beats Music is a music curation service that allows users to input location, mood, company, and the service streams music that it thinks will fit the situation. It will also help users develop personal music profiles based on what they do and don't like. The Beats Music API uses REST calls and allows users to make calls to search the Beats Music Catalog, play tracks, and create, update, and display a playlist. The API uses SSL and an API key for authentication. An account is required with service.

CityBlastCityBlast API: City blast is a social media tool for real estate agents. The service offers a personalized team of social media experts that update Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles with relevant, researched, and authentic content that will appeal to prospective buyers and sellers. CityBlast offers a REST API that allows the functions of CityBlast to be incorporated into third party applications. The API can be used to: sync a database with CityBlast for easier listing, blasting and posting management; automatically create new listings and access Dashboard statistics; and more. Responses are in JSON and an API key is required.

CrazyGamesCrazyGames API: CrazyGames is a flash game provider that provides a variety of games across categories from shooting and puzzles to action and driving. The CrazyGames API allows users to incorporate flash games into their website or blog. Users can access the API by copy and pasting a small HTML snippet, which will then load the correct file(s) to display the game.

Cyfe PushCyfe Push API: Cyfe is a business dashboard application that helps users monitor and analyze different types of data from one place. The Cyfe Push API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Cyfe with other applications. The main API method is pushing data into other applications and dashboards from data channels.

DemocratieSpelDemocratieSpel API: DemocratieSpel is a platform for civic engagement in the Netherlands. DemocratieSpel allows users to suggest and vote on democracy issues in the Netherlands. The DemocratieSpel API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of DecomcratieSpel with other applications. Some example API methods include returning issues, voting on issues, and listing users.

DolunaDoluna API: Doluna is a user verification service that uses a mobile phone for performing two-factor authentication. Once the user submits the recipient's phone number, Doluna generates and sends a one-time PIN code via SMS. At the same time, Doluna gives the user a transaction key which they can check against the recipient's PIN. Doluna can be used to validate end users, verify phone numbers, and protect against fraudulent activity. Integration is accomplished via API and requires simple REST calls.

Email YoYo VerificationEmail YoYo Verification API: The API service from Email YoYo is used to check and validate a email address in real-time and is integrated with your email capture application like a subscriber box or registration process. We are able to validate the email address all the way down to the user's mailbox level. You then can benefit by keeping fake emails, spammers, or incorrectly entered emails off your application lists.

Exact OnlineExact Online API: Exact is a Netherlands based supplier of business software that develops industry-specific on-premise and cloud solutions for SMEs in the accountancy, manufacturing, professional services and wholesale distribution sectors. Exact Online is Exact's cloud based solution for small manufacturers and wholesale distributors. The Exact Online REST API allows developers to incorporate Exact Online functionality into third party applications. API services include budget, assets, documents, financial, payroll, projects, users, and more. An API key is required.

FreeSMSBagFreeSMSBag API: FreeSMSBag is a two-way SMS service for Pakistanis. It is designed especially to help people living abroad communicate with their friends and family back in Pakistan. The FreeSMSBag API allows users to send and receive SMS from their own websites and applications. SDKs are available in .NET, PHP, and Java.

GiftedSMSGiftedSMS API: GiftedSMS is a Nigerian bulk text messaging service that caters to a variety of businesses, organizations, and individuals. Users can integrate the GiftedSMS messaging gateway with their own applications via REST API. This enables users to send SMS and check their balances from within those applications.

HollyStock CelebrityHollyStock Celebrity API: HollyStock is a celebrity stock exchange where users acquire a portoflio of celebrities that gains or uses loses based on the the number of times the celebrities are mentioned in the news that day. The HollyStock Celebrity API uses REST calls and allows users to retrieve celebrities and their pricing from the online celebrity stock market game HollyStock. The API will return data in XML or JSON format. An account is required with service.

HSL SMSHSL SMS API: HSL (Hay Systems Ltd.) SMS provides a messaging gateway that can easily be integrated with other applications to allow them to send and receive SMS. HSL SMS is a versatile service that can be used for emergency alerts, M2M (machine-to-machine) calls, staff communications, customer promotions, two-factor authentication, and more. Integration can be accomplished using a variety of protocols, including REST, SOAP, SMPP, and SMTP.

Kairos IDKairos ID API: Kairos is a facial recognition service that aims to allow users to integrate advanced security features into applications to enhance identification and verification. The Kairos API uses REST calls, and requires and API key for access. The API allows users to build applications that integrate the facial recognition into programs. Plans range from 500 to 50,000 calls and run from free up to $1,999 dollars per month.

Kaiser Permanente Interchange Kaiser Permanente Interchange API: Interchange enables internal and external developers to use approved public data from Kaiser Permanente to create individualized health care management apps. Using personalized health information, apps can be customized to cater to patient lifestyle, including nutrition and activity, to support total health. Interchange is a free API. The global rate limit is 5,000 transactions a day per each API Key. With Oauth, the global Interchange API rate is 2 transactions per second and 200 per hour, per token. When Oauth is not needed, the rate is 1,000 transactions per hour per API Key.

MasterchainMasterchain API: Masterchain is the collective ledger of all mastercoin transaction. Individuals who partake in the purchase and trade of the mastercoin crypto-currency utilize the masterchain to verify ownership of mastercoins, transact, and store mastercoins. The Masterchain API uses REST calls and returns JSON. Users can make calls to get a trade ID, get an address for delivery or receipt, and check the currency exchange rate.

Neurospeech SOAP to JSONNeurospeech SOAP to JSON API: This service can be used when the target web service is an XML SOAP web service and you need to invoke it with JSON format. It takes JSON input and converts it to XML SOAP request, and takes XML SOAP response and converts it back to JSON. JSON is more lightweight than SOAP, and is easier for mobile web apps to consume. In depth knowledge of REST API is also necessary.

OomnitzaOomnitza API: Oomnitza is an IT asset management service that allows users to manage assets in the cloud and access information on those assets from any mobile device or web browser. Oomnitza users can perform an inventory of all their IT assets, modify existing assets, track assets across multiple users and locations, push updates, and create service requests. Oomnitza comes with an advanced permissions system to control access to important data and functions.

PostcardPostcard API: Postcard is a content management, publishing, and sharing solution. Postcard allows users to create content, share, and publish on all of their networks and websites at the same time. The Postcard API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Postcard with other applications. Some example API methods include posting content, deleting content, and managing users.

SecureshipSecureship API: Secureship is a shipping service that allows users to easily create a shipment, select a delivery service, arrange for pick-up, and print the necessary documents. Users can store frequently-used addresses in an online address book. Available shipping services can be compared by delivery date and shipping cost, which is often reduced when paid through Secureship. Users can then print their documents and schedule the pick-up time and date for their package.

SellsySellsy API: Sellsy is an online business platform. Sellsy combines multiple tools for running a business that are usually spread across various applications. Some example features of Sellsy include contact and relationship management, invoicing, timetracking, and point-of-sale services. The Sellsy API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Sellsy with other applications. Some example API methods include accessing contacts, retrieving accounting information, and managing point-of-sale functions.

The Helioviewer ProjectThe Helioviewer Project API: The Helioviewer Project is an open-source project designed to enable everyone to explore the sun and its inner heliosphere. The project allows users to view all kinds of features and events, including coronal cavities, coronal jets, coronal rains, eruptions, filaments, flares, oscillations, sunspots, and more. The Helioviewer Project is funded by the ESA and NASA. Its datasets can be accessed programmatically via REST API.

TipGinTipGin API: TipGin is a service that catalogues soccer previews, odds and live scores across the web. We offer a collection of soccer XML data feeds including Live Score, Schedules, Odds Comparison, Match Previews and Predictions. All feeds update every 5-to-10 seconds and are fully integrable with guaranteed 99.99% server uptime.

Tweet SentimentTweet Sentiment API: Tweet Sentiment is a service that can analyze a tweet, Facebook post, or similar text string for sentiment using natural language processing techniques. The service may categorize sentiment as positive, negative, or neutral and will assign a score indicating the probability that the categorization is correct. Users can access Tweet Sentiment's functions programmatically via REST API.

Two TapTwo Tap API: Two Tap is an application that allows mobile and web application publishers and developers to integrate purchasing and buying features into their applications. Two Tap allows app users to purchase things directly from the application. The Two Tap API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Two Tap with other applications. Some example API methods include adding things to shopping carts, sending purchase confirmation, and retrieving purchasing information.

VisenzeVisenze API: Visenze is an online tool for image extraction and recognition and provides contextual visual analysis for visual searches and meaning. The Visenze API allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of Visenze with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email info@visenze.com for API information.

Vizz MediaVizz Media API: Vizz Media is a mobile marketing service that offers bulk SMS solutions. It allows users to send bulk SMS to more than 10,000 people with one click. Vizz Media supports both two-way SMS and Flash SMS. Users can send single or bulk SMS directly through the website or programmatically via REST or SMPP API. The API also allows users to get delivery reports for their messages.

ZyncZync API: Zync is a global messaging platform that provides communication methods over SMS, Voice, Email, and Fax. Its SMS platform focuses on long code and selects the most reliable routes using a global prefix lookup. The voice platform comes with direct connectors to every major geographic region. The fax engine is capable of delivering and receiving millions of pages per day. All of Zync's messaging functions are designed to send and receive messages to and from anywhere in the world.


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Have monetized a few apps with Airpush. Excellent results and earnings overall. Haven't used Sellsy, but that's another name that jumped out at me because my wife is a big fan, can't say enough good things.