300 APIs

The 8 new APIs listed here over the past 7 days brings the overall total up to 300 APIs in the directory (and mashups are at an even 1100). The average for the past month has been close to one API per day. More coming soon. Here's a rundown of some of the latest:

  • Revver: The video sharing site that allows users to share in the revenue, now has a full API.
  • Windows Live Contacts Control: A pluggable client-side component with a JavaScript interface. Allows dynamic integration of user's Live Contacts data.
  • Newscloud: An API into this open community for sharing and discussing the news. NewsCloud readers submit stories and videos from around the Web to read, vote on and discuss.

Besides viewing APIs by name, they are also viewable by date, category, and number of mashups listed. And as always, to see the APIs as soon as they are listed, as well as the ones not mentioned here in the blog, you can subscribe to the API feed.

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