31 New APIs: My Opera, Aculab Cloud, Real-Time Group Chat

This week we had 31 new APIs added to our API directory including a cloud based telephony service, online video conferencing service, real-time group chat application, local deals aggregation service, crowd-sourced copy editing service, music industry data tracking service and twitter picture search. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Aculab CloudAculab Cloud API: Telephony service Aculab Cloud enables users to add telephony and automated voice to their applications. Users can write applications to manage interactions and call logic including transfers calls, plays messages, adds calls together in a conference and more. The RESTful API provides programmatic access to the Cloud Filestore, whereby a suitable program may download, upload, delete or rename media files.

AuraLinkAuraLink API: Auralink offers high definition video conferencing as an on-line service. Auralink's Integration API allows developers to create web based video conferencing tools that provide: on-demand translation services remote legal deposition tools speak-to-the-expert technical support personalized coaching and instruction scheduled and ad hoc sales meetings talk-to-the-physician health care kiosks Full Documentation of the API is not publicly available.

BC WirelessBC Wireless API: The WaveCaster API is the backend of British Columbia Wireless Network Society's (BCWNS) CommunityInformaticsSystem. The API provides various levels of functionality for the community informatics system including: Website User Interface Functions for consistent HTML objects. XMLRPC and SOAP remote functions Interfaces to third party informatic systems including Industry Canada, Google, CEONet, etc. Interfaces to the BCWNS AAA6 identity management system. Interfaces to the BCWNS Communication Networks including MSN, IRC, Web Groups and related communication networks. Community Network Management and Awareness The API uses XMLRPC and SOAP protocols with responses formatted in XML.

Bullhorn StaffingBullhorn Staffing API: Bullhorn is a technology company that provides end to end solutions for staffing and recruiting agencies.The Bullhorn API provides programmatic access to data in the Bullhorn system. With it developers can integrate the system with related applications. The API offers a number of functionalities including: resume parsing, candidate lookup, add jobs, retrieve files and more. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

ConvoreConvore API: Convore is a site for chatting with groups of people in real-time. Users can create a group, invite their friends, and start chatting about anything. Convore tracks what users miss while they are away so that they can catch up in the conversations. The Convore API provides access to the functionality of the application. Users can interact with accounts, groups, topics and more. The API uses RESTful calls and resposnes are formatted in JSON.

DealiniumDealinium API: Dealinium.com is an entertainment shopping site that offers local deals on a daily basis. The API lets users retrieve information from the site such as the deal of the day in a given city, a single deal and a list of posts for a single deal. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and RSS.

dlvr.itdlvr.it API: dlvr.it provides bloggers, publishers and brands a way to syndicate content through their social channels. The API provides functionality such a listing routes and accounts as well as posting to accounts and creating short urls. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

EditzEditz API: Formerly called gooseGrade, Editz is a crowd-sourced copy editing solution. When users join, their readers can find and send copy editing suggestions to them. Editz has been built to be a retroactive editing tool. It will work on any webpage with HTML text, The Editz API allows developers to use Editz's database of corrections to create innovative applications using Editz data. With the API users can read corrections, get grades, and change their corrections status. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Empire 2.0 Tech TalkEmpire 2.0 Tech Talk API: The New York State Office of the CIO announced a technology initiative themed "Empire 2.0" which targets social networking, participation and collaboration as part of an overall theme of transparency and open government. The Empire 2.0 site is a Platform for users to submit, discuss and refine ideas regarding policy, specific technology or project suggestions, state-wide or agency-specific feedback. The Empire 2.0 Tech Talk API provides methods for obtaining data from the site for use in mashups and other consumable formats. The API uses JavaScript protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

HappenstandHappenstand API: Happenstand is a website featuring Bay Area arts events. The API allows developers to retrieve lists of events, venues and person data from the site. The lists can be sorted by start date, end date, proximity and details. Users can also perform keyword searchs of the data. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

HNSearchHNSearch API: HNSearch is a search engine for Hacker News. HNSearch provides search functionality for the Hacker News community site. The HNSearch API enables developers to access HN data programatically via simple HTTP requests. All responses are formatted in JSON.

InterpairInterpair API: Interpair is a cloud-based device pairing service. By using a dynamically generated PIN code, two clients can exchange pairing information. To send pairing information one client posts information via an interpair.net URL parameter, and receives a numeric code in return. The other client then retrieves the information using the code.

InvoiceraInvoicera API: Invoicera is an online billing and invoicing software designed for simplicity and convenience while still providing the best invoicing features, including time tracking, invoicing and recurring invoicing, expense tracking, multiple language and currency support, and multiple payment options. Invoicera also provides an XML API for developers to use to integrate Invoicera services into other applications.

LodgeIt!LodgeIt! API: LodgeIt is a pastebin for programming code. It allows users to upload, share and comment on code samples. LodgeIt currently supports two APIs, XMLRPC and JSON. The API allows users to retrieve information on pastes such as supported languages, lists of the most recent pastes, associated stylesheets and more.

Lymbix Sentiment AnalysisLymbix Sentiment Analysis API: Lymbix provides sentiment analysis services for any form of text-based communication. The service looks for the tone in messages such as emails and tweets. With the API, developers can integrate the Lymbix service into their own applications. The API can provide sentiment analysis across single or multiple articles and also on a line by line basis within the articles. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

MusicmetricMusicmetric API: Musicmetric tracks and indexes data for 600,000 artists and over 10 million individual releases in real time. The API provides direct access to much of the data that is collected by the site. For artist based data Musicmetric guarantees data coverage for the top 1,000 artists. The service provides fan activity data over time on social networks, sentiment analysis for music-related text and demographics on fans. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

My OperaMy Opera API: My Opera is the support community for the Opera Web browser. With a free account users have access to photo albums, blogs, groups and forums. My Opera provides two APIs that can be used for blogging and embedding content. Users can embed photos and other My Opera content like avatars from external sites with the API. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

NextBioNextBio API: NextBio is the developer of a global discovery platform for life sciences data. Research data from diverse experiments can be imported, integrated with public data, and explored within relevant biological and clinical context. Researchers can mine this data in real-time. NextBio provides a set of APIs enabling organizations to import, analyze, and export data. A RESTful search API lets developers integrate NextBio search results with their applications. The Secure Bulk Import of Data can be used for importing large amounts of data into NextBio in an automated manner. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Pen.ioPen.io API: Pen.io is a fast and simple solution for creating basic text-based web pages. Users can use the Pen.io tags to embed videos and images into their pages without having to use HTML tags (although some HTML tags are supported). Pen.io also has a RESTful API that includes the same functionality as the web based service, with the additional ability to have Pen.io act as a private key store; a page with 'private' set will only be available through the API with Authentication.

PLoS SearchPLoS Search API: PLoS is a non-profit organization of scientists and physicians with the goal of making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public Resource. The PLoS Search API gives developers access to data from the PLos archive of scientific articles that can be integrated into applications for the web, desktop or mobile devices. It allows PLoS content to be queried using any of the fields in the PLoS Search engine. The API uses JavaScript protocol.

RPM SoftwareRPM Software API: RPM Software develops and delivers enterprise class commission and channel management solutions for the telecommunications industry. The API is used to integrate RPM with other systems. With the API developers can pull information on users, accounts, customers and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Safe2peeSafe2pee API: Safe2pee is a resource where people can find the locations of gender free bathrooms. It provides a RESTful API that lets users query the site data and integrate it with their apps. Users can also use the API to upload new locations. Responses are formatted in JSON.

SemanticWireSemanticWire API: Semantic Wire is a news reader and aggregator that extracts semantic metadata from articles. It is meant to provide access to machine readable news content. The service monitors thousands of news sources, industry publications and corporate press releases and the metadata that is extracted includes entities, facts, events, categories and more in near real time. This data is made available through the API which can then be integrated with news analytics monitoring applications, decision making and predictive models, dashboards and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and RSS.

SoocialSoocial API: Soocial is a system that connects a user's various address books. Users can sync their address books and store them in one place. The API lets developers access their contacts' information programmatically and integrate it into third party applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

ThingSpeakThingSpeak API: The ThingSpeak API allows you to build "Internet of Things" applications. Use the API to create cloud applications that interact with sensors and controls from anything that supports the HTTP protocol. The ThingSpeak API is able to interface with devices from Arduino and ioBridge, iPhone and Android mobile devices, home automation systems, robots, thermostats, industrial controls, etc. ThingSpeak also supports integration with external web services such as Twitter, Prowl, Twilio, and WeatherBug, and Foursquare, by using the ThingHTTP app. In addition to the free hosted API, the ThingSpeak API is open source and available on GitHub for download on private servers.

ThingSpeak ChartsThingSpeak Charts API: ThingSpeak is a platform for users to share information about their networked devices. Users can post real time information about their devices to ThingSpeak through channels. The Charts API allows users to create an instant visualization of their data. The chart displays properly in all browsers and mobile devices. The chart can also show dynamic data by loading new data automatically. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and CSV.

Tweet PressTweet Press API: Tweet Press is a free blogging service that lets users post updates longer than 140 characters to Twitter, organize them on their own personal blog by topic, and gather all replies and comments in one place. The Tweet Press REST API allows users to create a new Tweet Press Posting, and corresponding Tweet, using HTTP requests. The API uses HTTP POST calls and responses are formatted in XML.

TwicsyTwicsy API: Twicsy is a Twitter pics search engine. Users can browse and search for Twitter pics as well as upload and post their own. The Twicsy API offers an interface for developers to gain access to Twicsy's services. Developers can use the API to add Twitter pics into their apps. Currently the API offers the following features: browse a list of pics tweets by a user (sorted by date), search all Twitter pics (sort by relevance or date, searches limited to the past 30 days of tweeting, view tweets/users of a pic, JSONP callbacks of all the above functionality. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

UniteU RetailUniteU Retail API: UniteU Technologies is an e-commerce provider. Its Retail API provides an open integration path for merchants and 3rd developers to connect to the UniteU Connected Commerce platform. The Retail API enables the integration of back-office and retail management systems with UniteU. It can be used to add on to any of the existing retail management and POS integrations that UniteU offers as off-the-shelf solutions along with providing custom integration paths for systems not currently available as off-the-shelf solutions from UniteU. UniteU's Retail API supports the following data:  Catalog (products, departments, variants, searchable attributes, update inventory, cross promotions, site maps)  Asset Management (images, multimedia, PDFs)  Reviews and Ratings  Content  Shoppers  Shopping Cart (wish-lists, ship-to/bill-to info, comments)  Checkout (shipping rates, taxes, promotions, payment options, secure purchase, gift wrap options)  Orders Full documentation is not publicly available.

WareNet CheckWareWareNet CheckWare API: WareNet is a distributed B2B platform that provides technical information about various kinds of hardware products. WareNet supports Asynchronous communication between business partners. Technical information could contain CPU frequency, product's physical dimensions, power consumption & etc. The WareNet Java API provides an ability to communicate directly with WareNet. Using WareNet API, it is possible to: *Find technical information about products *Receive notifications about new products With the WareNet API, developers can create: *Internet shops targeted on selling and delivering products. All technical information about content is centralized and handled by WareNet. *News sites which provide a product Feed for consumers. *Systems that check a product's compatibility and compare products by their characteristics. *Modules for CAD platforms which are able to auto invent and construct robots. *Fill augmented realities with live objects.

ZooPropertyZooProperty API: Zoo Property is a real estate property listing management system for Web designers and Software developers giving users the ability to choose who designs and manages their website. The API lets users access an XML data feed for all the properties, office details and team member information for a real estate office. Users can also make RESTful calls to obtain property attributes, property detail attributes, primary and secondary contact attributes, images, brochures and floorplans. Responses are formatted in XML and JSON.