316 Government APIs: Sunlight Labs Congress, NOAA National Weather Service and US Postal Service

Our API directory now includes 316 government APIs. The newest is the Google Civic Information API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Sunlight Labs Congress API. We list 19 Sunlight Labs Congress mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of government APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 226 government REST APIs and 81 government SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 235 government XML APIs and 168 government JSON APIs.

The most common tags within government are 35 reference government APIs, 27 data government APIs and 26 politics government APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 80 government mashups. We named PolitickerUSA as mashup of the day in November.

For reference, here is a list of all 316 government APIs.

  Aadhaar UIDAI Authentication API: Online Authentication for Indian citizens

  ActBlue API: Democratic fundraising service

  ADL 3D Repository (3DR) API: 3D model database

  AES WebLink API: Shipment submission and inquiry services

  AIDS.gov Service Provider Locator API: HIV/AIDS testing and care information service

  AIDSinfo API: Government info on HIV/AIDS treatment

  AIMS Address API: Johnson County Kansas address lookup service

  Alameda County Service Provider API: listings for social services in Alameda County (Oakland), CA

  API.LEIPZIG API: Leipzig city data

  ASC National Registry Search API: Search service for registered real estate appraisers

  Australian Business Number Lookup API: Australian business number refernece service

  Ã–rebro kommun API: Örebro kommun information

  Baltimore Open311 API: Neighborhood public issue reporting tool

  BART API: Transit tracking service for San Francisco, California

  Berlin Open Data API: Berlin data and information

  Biosafety Clearing-House API: Living modified organism information exchange

  Brazil CKAN API: Brazil open government data

  Brazilian Election Candidates API: Brazilian election candidate information service

  Business.gov API: US government small business resources

  California ISO API: Utility regulatory information system

  California Race and Ethnic Population Projections API: California race and ethnic population projection data

  Canada Post API: Canadian postage and mailing service

  Canada's Economic Action Plan API: Information of Canadian government EAP

  Capitol Words API: Track words used by US government representatives

  CENSUS.IRE.ORG API: 2010 census data access service

  Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Content Syndication API: Health information content syndication service

  Challenge.gov API: Government challenge/solution Platform

  Chicago Metropulse API: Chicago quality of life data

  Chronicling America API: Archive of US newspapers

  Cicero API: Address-based Legislative District Matching and Elected Official Lookup Service

  City of Boston Citizen's Connect API: Boston residents reporting service

  City of Chicago Data Portal API: Chicago datasets

  City of Edmonton Open Data Catalogue API: City of Edmonton datasets

  City of Nanaimo API: Nanaimo, B.C., datasets

  City of New Orleans API: New Orleans city data

  City of Rennes API: City of Rennes, France datasets

  City of St. Louis API: City of St. Louis data

  City of Toronto: 311 API: Toronto city government services

  CitySourced API: Mobile civic engagment tool

  Civic Commons Marketplace API: Open government data database and sharing platform

  Civic Footprint API: Political geography lookup for Illinois

  CKAN Czech Republic API: Czech Republic open government data

  CKAN Ireland API: Ireland open government data

  CKAN Italy API: Italian open government data

  CKAN Norway API: Norway open government data

  Colorado HBGuest API: Colorado water resources data service

  ColoradoWaterSMS API: Colorado surface water Resource data service

  Data Greater Manchester API: Manchester, England open government data

  Data Translation Web Service (DTWS) API: Space physics data service

  Data.CookCountyIL.Gov API: Cook County, IL government data

  Data.ed.gov API: Education grant data

  data.gov.au API: Australia government data

  data.gov.sg API: Singapore government data

  Data.gov.uk API: Public government database

  Data.Illinois.Gov API: Illinois government data

  Data.Medicare.Gov API: Medicare information and datasets

  data.nasa.gov API: NASA datasets

  Data.OK.gov API: Oklahoma state government data

  Data.Oregon.Gov API: Oregon state government data

  Data.Seattle.Gov API: Seattle City Government data

  Data.Washington API: Washington state data

  Datadotgc.ca API: Canadian open government data

  DataGov.ru API: Russian open government data

  Datahotell API: Norway open government data

  Datanest Fair-Play Alliance API: Slovakia government data

  DataWeave API: Aggregated public data

  DC Location Verifier API: DC place finder and address verification service

  DEA Number API: U.S. DEA controlled substance validation service

  Democracy In Action API: eAdvocacy services for nonprofits

  deutschland API: German elected officials information service

  DevLeap Codice Fiscale API: Italian citizen tax ID reference service

  DirectGov syndication service API: UK government content syndication service

  DRCOG API: Denver area spatial data

  Drumbone API: US political data aggregated from multiple sources

  Dublin City Community Maps API: Dublin amenities location service

  Earth Observing System API: Earth observation data clearinghouse

  eLobbyist LegiScan API: U.S. national and local legislation tracking service

  Empire 2.0 Tech Talk API: Government technology discussion platform

  EnergyStar ABS API: Energy management and conservation service

  EnergyStar Third-Party Certification API: Energy efficiency certification processing service

  EPA Envirofacts API: Environmental database

  EPA Project Catalog API: EPA project information service

  EPA Station API: Find EPA monitoring stations by geographic area

  EPA Station Catalog API: EPA monitoring station information service

  EPA Watershed Summary API: EPA watershed information service

  ERS/USDA Per Capita Food Availability Data API: Food availability data

  European Union Legislation API: European Union legislative data service

  Exchange Network NAAS API: Authentication for the Environmental Information Exchange Network

  Excluded Parties List System API: List of entities ineligible for Federal contracts

  FAA Obstruction Evaluation API: Aviation obstruction information service

  FCC API: U.S. Communications Data Service

  FCC Form 499 Filer Database API: Common carrier reporting information service

  FedBizOpps API: U.S. government procurement and purchasing service

  Federal Infrastructure Projects API: Federal project dashboard

  Federal Procurement Data System API: U.S. government purchasing and procurement information service

  FederalRegister.gov API: Open source government data

  FedSpending.org API: Database of US government spending

  Find Your MP- UK Parliament API: UK MP search tool

  Florida DHSMV API: Florida motor vehicle testing outsourcing service

  Follow The Money API: Database of US campaign contributions

  FRED API: US Federal Reserve Economic data

  FreedomSpeaks API: United States political data lookup

  FSRS FFATA Reporting API: U.S. government contractor reporting service

  GeoCommunicator API: BLM public lands mapping and data service

  GeoGratis API: Geographic data and mapping service

  Gipuzkoa API: Spanish province government data

  Glocal Focal US Mortality Data API: US government mortality data

  Google Civic Information API: Civic information service

  GOP.gov API: US Congressional Republicans data

  Goslyudi.ru API: Public ratings of Russian government bloggers

  GovHG Data.One API: Hong Kong real-time traffic

  GovTrack.us API: US Congress database service

  GovTracker API: Rhode Island state data services

  Granicus Open Platform API: Government open data service

  Granicus Search API: Government agency search service

  Granicus Training Management Suite API: Government employee training service

  Guardian Politics API: UK government and political resources

  Health Indicators Warehouse API: Health indicators database

  HealthData.gov API: Health data service

  HealthData.gov catalog API: Medical datasets catalog service

  Healthfinder.gov API: Government health agency information

  Helsinki City Service Map API: City services maps

  Helsinkikanava Open Data API: Helsinki city council meeting information and recordings

  HM Revenue & Customs API: UK tax document submission service

  Home Energy Saver API: Energy calculator tool

  How'd They Vote? API: Canadian Parliament voting records

  HUD iMAX API: Tenant and voucher data transmission service

  Idescat Catalan and Spanish Indicators API: Economic indicator service

  Idescat Municipality in Figures API: Statistical information on Catalan municipalities

  ikregeer.nl API: Dutch parliament documents

  Income Tax India e-Filing API: India Income Tax e-Filing service

  Influence Explorer Text API: Textual analysis tool

  Inside Idaho API: State geospatial information service

  Institute of Development Studies API: Research and data repository

  International Aid Transparency Initiative API: Aid spending index

  Israel Ministry of Finance Taarif API: Israeli tariff reference service

  ITIS Web Service Description API: Species taxonomy data

  IUID Registry API: U.S. Department of Defense procurement information service

  Kenya Open Data API: Kenya datasets

  King County Open Data API: King County, WA datasets

  la Lotería del Niño API: Spanish Lottery Information Lookup

  Larimer County Public Records Databases API: Larimer County property and property tax information service

  legislation.gov.uk API: UK legislation information service

  Library of Congress Subject Headings API: Access to the Library of Congress Subject Headings

  LittleSis API: Database for tracking political and business relationships

  London DataStore API: London government data

  LOUIS API: US federal documents database

  ManageMyRequests API: Information request tracking and reporting service

  MapLight API: Government database linking contributions and votes

  MAPLight.org Bill Positions API: Campaign donation and vote tracking service

  Met Office WOW API: UK weather observations

  Metro Trip Planner API: Los Angeles Metro transit information

  Minnesota CTU dataset API: Minnesota mapping database

  Mobile Commons Legislative Lookup API: Legislative representative information service

  MyBikeLane API: Read-Only API for MyBikeLane and UncivilServants Database

  NAIC Registry API: Insurance regulation compliance services

  NAIC SERFF API: Insurance regulation compliance services

  Nantes open data API: Nantes, France city data

  NASA Coordinated Data Analysis System (CDAS) API: Space physics instrument data

  National Broadband Map API: US broadband information

  National Drug File-Reference Terminology API: Clinical information about medications

  National Weather Service NDFD API: U.S. national digital weather forecast service

  NCEP North American Mesoscale API: Weather data retrieval and forecasting service

  Nephics European VAT Number Validation API: EU VAT information exchange system

  New Dawn ACM API: Case managment software

  New Dawn JustWare API: Criminal justice agency and court information service

  New York Times Campaign Finance API: U.S. campaign finance data

  New York Times Congress API: US Congress historical data

  New York Times Districts API: Political districts service

  New York Times NY State Legislature API: NY State legislative member information

  NHS API: UK National Health Service

  NIST CDA Guideline Validation API: CDA guideline validation service

  NOAA MADIS API: Meteorological data observations

  NOAA National Weather Service (NWS) API: Weather forecast database

  Nos Données (Our Data) API: Government data

  NWQMC Water Quality Portal API: Water quality data service

  NY Senate API: New York state Senate data access

  NYC 311 Online API: New York City Government data

  NYC Open Data API: New York City data collection

  Oahu Transit Services API: Real time transit data service

  Oakland Crime Reports API: crime reports service

  Oakland Crimespotting API: Oakland, Calif., crime information service

  OFAC Analyzer API: Financial legal compliance service

  OffeneDaten API: Germany open government data

  Office for National Statistics API: UK neighborhood and census data

  Open Data Badalona API: Badalona city data services

  Open Data Catalogue Austria API: Austria open data

  Open Data Euskadi API: Basque Country government data

  Open Data gencat API: Catalonia government data

  Open Dems Polling Place API: Polling place location service

  Open Dems Voter Registration API: Voter registration service

  Open Energy Information API: Energy resource data services

  Open Government Data Initiative API: Government data resource from Microsoft

  Open Kent API: Kent, England county data

  Open North Represent API: Database and API for Canadian elected officials

  Open Patent Services API: European Patent Office web services

  Open State Project API: Provides State Legislative Information

  Open States API: State legislative information

  Open Stockholm API: Stockholm city data

  Open311 API: Neighborhood public issue-tracking service

  OpenAustralia API: Australian government information service

  OpenBaltimore API: Baltimore City data

  OpenColorado API: Colorado Open Data Catalog

  OpenCongress API: US government data

  OpenDataPhilly API: City of Philadelphia data

  opengov.es API: Spain open government data

  opengov.fi API: Finland open government data

  OpenGovernment API: State and local government data

  Openly Local API: Government information tracking service

  openparliament.ca API: Canadian Parliament Hansards

  OpenSecrets API: U.S. political data lookup

  Oregon Education API: Educational assessment data service

  PDX API: Portland geographic and real-time information

  PDX CitySync API: PDX Public Data Service

  PDXCouncilConnect API: Portland (Oregon) City Council voting service

  Point-In-Polygon Census Intersection API: U.S. Census data mapping service

  Poligraft API: Political Entity Extraction Service

  Postcode Anywhere Government Data API: UK government data service

  Project Vote Smart API: U.S. political data lookup

  PublicData.eu API: European government open data aggregator

  Purolator eShip API: Shipping and e-commerce delivery service

  RealSearch TIN Reverse API: Tax ID verficiation service

  Recovery.gov API: Recovery Act 2009 data

  Recreation.gov API: Federal recreation database

  Redbridge DataShare API: UK government data

  RegistryCompliance Scrub API: Registry Compliance Service

  Regulations.gov API: U.S. government regulations document repository

  ReportIt API: UK government trouble report service

  Research.gov Application Submission API: Grant application submission service

  RestFul Web Services UNSPSC API: eCommerce product classification code reference

  RI.gov Open Data API: Rhode Island government information

  Richmond Sunlight API: Virginia general assembly information aggregator

  Rijksoverheid CSO API: Dutch government job recruiting service

  SaferBus API: Transportation Safety Information Service

  SAMHSA API: Substance abuse and mental health services

  San Francisco Crimespotting API: Crimespotting data for San Francisco California

  San Francisco Ethics Commission Lobbyist API: San Francisco lobbyist information database

  San Francisco Open311 API: Neighborhood public issue reporting tool

  Sao Paolo Open Government API: Sao Paolo state government Portal

  Satellite Situation Center Web (SSCWeb) API: Spacecraft location mapping

  SBA Business Licenses and Permits API: Business licenses and permits search service

  SBA City and County Data API: U.S. City and County data service

  SBA Loans and Grants Search API: Loans and grants search service

  SBA Recommended Sites API: Link recommendation service

  Science.gov API: Science information service

  ScienceBase API: Geological science data catalog

  SeeClickFix API: Share non-emergency problems in your neighborhood

  Shropshire Council API: UK government portal

  Socrata Open Data API: Online data sharing service

  SSA CBSV API: Social security number validation service

  SSN Validator API: Social security number validation service

  St. Louis FRED API: Economic research data service

  StreetLightOutages API: Street light maintenance information service

  StrikeIron Super Data Pack API: APIs for variety of reference data sources

  Sunlight Foundation's Party Time! API: Political fundraiser invitation database

  Sunlight Labs Congress API: US Congress database service

  Sunlight Labs Real-time Congress API: Near Real-Time Information on the Current Congress Session

  Suomi.fi API: Finland government services portal

  Systembolaget System API: Systembolaget Alcohol Database Access

  Tariff Analysis Project API: Official utility tariff data service

  Tell Them What You Think API: UK government consultations database

  The Finder Sales Tax API: Ohio sales tax data service

  The Old Bailey API: UK criminal court record search service

  TheyWorkForYou API: Track the UK Parliament

  Toronto Budget Data API: City of Toronto budget data service

  Transparency Data API: State and Federal campaign contribution data

  Transport for London API: UK transportation service

  TriMet API: Transit tracking service for Portland, Oregon

  U.K National Grid Energy Flow API: Energy consumption and supply information service

  U.S. Department of Labor API: Government open data service

  UK BIS API: UK government business support sector

  UK Civil Service API: UK public sector job service

  UK National Archives Discovery API: National archives catalog

  UK Street Level Crime API: UK police force mapping service

  UN Comtrade API: United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database

  UN Contrade API: International trade statistics service

  UN Data API: United Nations information service

  Union County NC GIS API: Local North Carloina GIS service

  United Nations Monthly Bulletin API: World economic development statistics

  US Census Bureau API: US Census data service

  US Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls API: Consumer product recall information

  US Postal Service API: Package shipping and postage

  USA.gov Social Media Registry API: Social media account registry

  USASearch API: Government data

  USASearch Product Recall Data API: Product recall data

  USAspending API: Database of US government spending

  USCG Approved Equipment Listing API: Approved maritime equipment listing

  USDA Animal Identification Management System API: Animal identification management service

  USGS Elevation Query Service API: Determine elevation based on latitude and longitude

  USGS Gazetteer Query API: Geological data service

  USGS National Water Information System API: Water quality data service

  USGS Seamless Datasets API: USGS mapping data service

  USGS Waterservices API: Water quality information service

  USITC EDIS API: U.S. trade document handling service

  ValueAppeal API: Property Tax Appeal Service

  Verifilter API: Financial legal compliance service

  Virtual Solar Observatory API: Solar images and data

  Vote.ca Districts API: Canadian Voting Place Locator Service

  Voter Guide Toolkit API: Issue and candidate support information service

  Voting Information Project API: Election information service

  Washington DC Open 311 API: Call center service for Washington DC

  Washington Post Campaign Finance API: Campaign Finance Data

  Washington Post White House Visitors API: White House Visitor Log

  Washington State Corporations Search API: Washington state corporations search service

  Washington State Department of Revenue Sales Tax Rate API: Address based tax rate lookup service

  Watchdog API: Political data lookup

  West Midlands Regional Observatory API: West Midlands public information search service

  What They Claimed API: Expenses records for UK members of parliament

  WhatWePayFor API: Federal Budget Data Service

  Where Does My Money Go API: Government spending database

  Who is my Representative API: Database of US congressional representatives

  WIJIS Gateway API: Wisconsin justice data search service

  WMATA API: DC Transit Service

  World Bank API: Worldwide indicators, business, and photo databases

  World Government Data API: A portal to government data sets

  WorldLingo Translation API: Language translation service

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