35 New APIs: Medicare, NYC 311 and Mobile Contact Syncing

This week we had 35 new APIs added to our API directory including an electronic music downloads service, corporate social responsibility ratings database, trip planning service, health information content syndication service, project management software and a social marketing Platform. Below is more details on each of the 35 new APIs.

ActiveCollabActiveCollab API: ActiveCollab is a system that lets you and your team collaborate more efficiently by sharing files, discussing ideas and managing projects, as well as letting you track time, create invoices, and integrate with email services. ActiveCollabe also has a flexible interface, making it easily customizable and extensible through CSS code and the ActiveCollab API. The ActiveCollab API is a HTTP based API that returns JSON or XML data. The ActiveCollab API also comes with an API Wrapper, a set of PHP class and functions to make the API easier to work with.

ADL 3D Repository (3DR)ADL 3D Repository (3DR) API: The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) 3D Repository (3DR) is a website for uploading, finding, and downloading 3D models of the file types .fbx, .dae, .obj, .skp, and .3ds. Services are also available for extracting metadata and other information, converting models between file types, and viewing models.

The RESTful ADL 3DR API gives developers access to the models, exposing functions in JSON and XML.

BacklogBacklog API: Backlog is a project management tool that supports collaboration and communication amongst team members. It provides features such as a gantt chart, file sharing, version control, issue management, wikis and more. The API provides access to this functionality and gives developers a way to integrate them into their own sites or applications. The API uses XML- RPC calls and responses are formatted in XML. The site and Documentation are in Japanese.

Bazaarvoice PlatformBazaarvoice Platform API: Bazaarvoice is a social marketing company that helps clients to integrate social data across their entire organization. The Bazaarvoice Platform lets businesses capture and analyze customer conversations to help drive campaigns.

The Bazaarvoice Platform API allows developers to integrate the functionality of the Platform, including customer reviews, in their own web sites and application. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formated in XML and JSON. Full documentation requires registration.

BeatportBeatport API: Beatport is the leader of electronic music downloads delivering content in premium-encoded formats. Beatport.com allows users to access the world of club music through secure, legal, hi-speed, high quality downloads in MP3, MP4 and WAV formats on a pay per download basis from a Library of the world's leading independent labels. The Beatport API provides users with access to the data in the Beatport catalog. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

BMBetsBMBets API: BMBets.com helps bettors to find the best betting odds on their bets by processing and comparing odds from the most popular bookmakers. BMBets.com also provides users with the tools that help punters bet with data from Sure Bets or Value Bets. BMBets provides sport betting odds compilation and analysis services using the Oddsmaker engine, which simulates the probabilistic model of a sport event, assess probabilities and turn them into the betting odds. The engine supports offline and real-time (live odds) betting odds generation and analysis. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

CallZing Voice Broadcast CallZing Voice Broadcast API: CallZing is a hosted voice broadcast and virtual call center solution. With CallZing users can Send out thousands of phone calls, allowing recipients to easily transfer to a call center or office. The SOAP API will allow users to quickly send out voice broadcasts from their database systems. Full documentation is not yet publicly available.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Content SyndicationCenters for Disease Control (CDC) Content Syndication API: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a government agency within the Department of Health and Human Services. The CDC aims to provide information about infectious diseases, foodborne pathogens, health promotion and education, and more.

The CDC offers a Web Content Syndication service that allows partners to publish CDC content to their sites or applications. The Content Syndication API uses a RESTful protocol.

City of Boston Citizen's ConnectCity of Boston Citizen's Connect API: Citizen's Connect is a service of the City of Boston to allow residents to communicate issues in their neighborhoods such as potholes and graffiti. CityofBoston.gov gives access to the API for the Citizen's Connect service. Contact Developers@cityofboston.gov for more information. Documentation is not publicly available.

City of St. LouisCity of St. Louis API: The City of St. Louis provides city data through their website stlouis-mo.gov. The Citizens' Service Bureau (CSB) is the customer service department for the City of St. Louis. The API provides access to some of the data collected when services are requested. It allows developers to access and use some of this data in third party applications. The API uses the RESTful protocol and an API Key is required.

ConductricsConductrics API: Conductrics provides an agent-based decision optimization solution. It uses Machine Learning to optimize website or application behavior to meet defined objectives. The developer API for lean application development and optimization is based on intelligent agent methodology. Tools include A/B & multivariate testing, adaptive control, targeted learning/optimization, and decision attribution. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON or URL redirects. Full documentation is not publicly available.

CSRHUBCSRHUB API: CSR provides free sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) ratings on around 5,000 of the world’s largest publicly traded companies from 65 countries and 135 industries. The CSR API offers a way for applications to request overall ratings, category or subcategory details, or other information from the CSRHUB database. Developers who use the CSRHUB REST can develop applications based on the data without requiring support or programming resources from CSRHUB.

Dance-TunesDance-Tunes API: Dance-Tunes is a site that specializes in mp3 downloads for all kinds of dance music. Users can search the site database for artists, labels, tunes, mixes and albums. The API serves as an interface between the database and the client Front-end. Data that can be returned by the API includes artists, labels, genre, charts and more. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Data.Medicare.Gov Socrata Open DataData.Medicare.Gov Socrata Open Data API: Data.Medicare.Gov provides access to information about and datasets regarding nursing homes, dialysis facilities, home health agencies, comparing hospitals, and more.

Data.Medicare.Gov uses the Socrata Open Data API, providing access to datasets with a RESTful protocol.

Data.Oregon.Gov Socrata Open Data Data.Oregon.Gov Socrata Open Data API: Data.Oregon.Gov provides data from several sectors of the state government, including education, natural resources, transportation, and many more.

Data.Oregon.Gov uses the Socrata Open Data API, giving access to developers through a RESTful protocol.

Data.Seattle.Gov Socrata Open DataData.Seattle.Gov Socrata Open Data API: Data.Seattle.Gov provides access to datasets provided by various departments of Seattle City Government, including the City Budget Office, Seattle Fire Department, Department of Transportation, and many more.

Data.Seattle.Gov uses the Socrata Open Data API, which uses the REST protocol.

Directory Maximizer Directory SubmissionsDirectory Maximizer Directory Submissions API: Directory Maximizer offers directory submission services for users looking to improve their SEO. Users can have their web sites submitted to a list of web directories with site details properly submitted to each one of them. The API allows users to simplify process of submitting a site to directories manually by working with the Directory Maximizer service. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and PHP.

HQSMSHQSMS API: HQSMS provides worldwide bulks SMS and SMS notices services. It provides an SMS platform which enables users to integrate their applications with an SMS message sending system. The SMS message can have a company name or any phone number that the user owns. Every message sent in the system has its own unique id which allows users to receive its delivery confirmation. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Jeppesen Journey PlannerJeppesen Journey Planner API: Jeppesen provide charts, maps and planning solutions for aviation, marine and rail operators. The Jeppesen Journey Planner API lets developers integrate public transit information into their own website or mobile application. The service aggregates the latest transit schedules from around the world and provides users with access through a hosted API.

Public transit journeys are matched to integrated timetables, stop locations and trip geography, which can be displayed to customers directly within a user's own application. To date there are 58 data sets aggregated into 36 regions. Features of the API include: transit journey planning, walk journey planning, polyline trip representation, transit stop locations and more. The API uses RESTful and SOAP calls with responses formatted in XML and JSON.

Junar.comJunar.com API: Junar.com is a community-based website for finding, publishing, and sharing data. Dashboards can also be created to have a centralized location for viewing how data changes across multiple sources. The Junar API is a RESTful API that allows direct access to Junar.com data for easy Integration of Junar data into developer applications and websites.

ManpacksManpacks API: Manpacks is a shopping service for men who want to purchase basics such as socks, underwear, shirts, shaving supplies, condoms, etc. The Manpacks API lets developers integrate data from the web site into their own site or application. Data exposed includes recent orders, shipping locations, products and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

MiniStashMiniStash API: MiniStash is a free URL shortening and redirection service. Upon sign up for a MiniStash account, users can create short links and get paid for each click on their MiniStash links. MiniStash also keeps track of link statistics. MiniStash also includes a developer API, in addition to the MiniStash website. Full documentation is not publicly available.

NYC 311 OnlineNYC 311 Online API: NYC 311 Online provides information about thousands of New York City government services and facilities. NYC 311 data improves access to data and supports transparency and accountability.

The NYC 311 API provides data in JSON and XML formats.

OpenBalitmore Socrata Open DataOpenBalitmore Socrata Open Data API: OpenBaltimore provides access to city datasets, including financial data, community data, property data, and more.

OpenBaltimore uses the Socrata Open Data API, which uses REST and returns responses in a variety of formats including JSON, XML, and RDF.

Playnice.lyPlaynice.ly API: Playnice.ly is a bug tracking service that allows developers to track their coding projects, either independently or as part of a team.

The Playnice.ly API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of Playnice.ly. Example API methods include searching and displaying projects, retrieving milestones, managing user information, and showing items for action. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Pongr Image RecognitionPongr Image Recognition API: The Pongr Image Recognition API is a cloud-based image recognition API, with support for pure JavaScript and mobile apps available. The Pongr Image Recognition API uses computer vision, logo detection, and brand gaming to provide cool features for mobile apps. For users thinking of developing a branded mobile application that includes visual engagement and/or photo marketing, The Pongr Image Recognition API can speed development time and provide a rich set of functionality for users.

QwipsQwips API: QWiPS is a social voice platform that lets users tag 30-second Qwips to any static image or text post. QWiPS social voice platform can be used to activate brand and publisher marketing programs and partnerships by making content stand out, getting real-time feedback in the voices of consumers and enhancing customer service. Qwips offers a JavaScript API that lets users include Qwips in their web pages.

SAMHSASAMHSA API: The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is a Branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services aimed at making substance abuse and mental health information and services more accessible, and more effectively translating research in these areas into the public health care system. SAMHSA provides datasets to the public via their Information Tools and use of online social media.

SAMHSA uses the Socrata Open Data API to give developers access to some of their data.

SellaroundSellaround API: Sellaround is an eCommerce service that integrates with social networking and other sites and allows users to increase their social reach.

The Sellaround API allows developers to integrate Sellaround's functionality into other applications and sites. Example API methods include creating and managing widgets, managing account information, managing shipping information, and retrieving orders.

Sensis Business SearchSensis Business Search API: The Sensis Business Search API provides business listings from Yellow Pages and White Pages Australia. Third party digital developers, entrepreneurs and publishers can use the API to add business search functionality on their websites, mobile-sites and applications. The API provides access to a fully maintained and comprehensive collection of Australian local business listings, sourced from the Yellow Pages and White Pages Directories. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Sentinel MonitoringSentinel Monitoring API: Sentinel Monitoring is an online server and website monitoring service. Customers can receive weekly reports of any problems, as well as get real-time text, email, or Twitter alerts when problems are detected.

The Sentinel Monitoring API allows developers to access and integrate Sentinel Monitoring data and functionality. Example API methods include accessing account and client information, viewing history, managing contacts, and managing monitoring checks. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and serialized PHP.

SyncfriendSyncfriend API: Syncfriend is a service that syncs a user's mobile phone contacts and stores the contact information in the cloud.

The Syncfriend API allows developers to access data and functionality of Syncfriend. The current API methods are adding a user and sending a sync message over the air.

Traffic Light FeedbackTraffic Light Feedback API: Traffic Light Feedback is an online customer feedback service that can be used by itself or supporting a user's existing customer relationship management (CMS) platform. Traffic Light sends out messages to get customer feedback, and all feedback is archived and retrievable.

The Traffic Light Feedback API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of Traffic Light Feedback. Some example API methods include adding, managing, editing, and listing customers, listing and sending feedback requests, and retrieving feedback responses.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission RecallsUS Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls API: The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides information about the safety of consumer products dating back to 1973. CPSC offers a recall service which can be accessed through the API. The API provides data in XML format. Data available includes recall number, company, product type and description and more.

WappwolfWappwolf API: Wappwolf is a file management application. Users can upload documents from a variety of sources (mobile, email, web, dropbox), process photos, process documents, and share files with other people.

The Wappwolf API allows developers to access and integrate Wappwolf functionality into other applications and sites. Example API methods include managing files, creating and editing user accounts, and retrieving files.