36 Last.fm Mashups

If you want to see an interesting set of music-themed mashups, checkout our list of 36 Last.fm mashups all of which in some way utilize the Last.fm API. Many provide unique ways to search for artist data, photos and videos and connect these to Last.fm playlists. Here are three of the most popular entries (note that you can also browse the whole set of these by thumbnail and popularity here):

  • TuneGlue (see our full profile here): Slick interactive visualization of the relationship between music artists using the Last.fm and Amazon.com.uk APIs.
  • FoxyTunes Planet (see our FoxyTunes profile): Universal personalized music mashup integrating many music resources into one place, then making them available through the FoxyTunes browser extension, which supports more than 30 media players and music services. Uses 8 different APIs.
  • MusicPortl (see our MusicPortl profile): Another music data aggregator that lets you search by artist. Integrates data using 6 APIs including the Technorati API for blog posts, the YouTube API for videos, and the Flickr API for photos.

If you want to see more music-themed mashups you can look through 120 mashups tagged music in our directory.

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[...] Its API provides you with data about Last.fm members, artists, albums, tracks, and more. More than 36 Last.fm Mashups are available, and the list keeps growing. With the recent addition of the handy LyricsFly API and [...]

[...] 无论你是一个歌手或是一个音乐爱好者,有许多音乐应用程序接口可以帮你实现目标。Last.fm 是网络中最流行的一个。他的API提供关于Last.fm中会员、艺术家、专辑、音轨等诸多数据。目前有超过36个Last.fm应用聚合 可用,并且这一列表仍在不断增长中。随着最近新增的LyricsFly API和它的拥有314000首歌的歌词数据库,目前已经有25个 音乐APIs 在ProgrammableWeb目录中(还有135 个已发布的聚合应用) [...]

[...] 无论你是一个歌手或是一个音乐爱好者,现在有许多音乐应用程序接口可以为你所用。Last.fm 是网络中最流行的一个。他的API提供了Last.fm中会员、艺术家、专辑、音轨等诸多数据。目前已经发布了超过36个Last.fm应用聚合 ,并且这一列表仍在不断增长中。随着最近新增的LyricsFly API和它的拥有314000首歌的歌词数据库,目前已经有25个 音乐APIs 在ProgrammableWeb目录中(还有135 个已发布的聚合应用) [...]