36 New APIs: Staples, USDA and TaggPic

This week we had 36 new APIs added to our API directory including a U.S. farmers market information service, business sales and shifts information service, office goods catalog data, language heuristics tools and photo geotagging Web Service. In addition we also covered a collaborative screen sharing API. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AppAddictAppAddict API: AppAddict is an online collection of cracked applications and digital books for mobile devices. The AppAddict API allows users to automate mass uploads via HTTP GET/POST calls. Users must have an AppAddict account with mass uploading permission. Responses are JSON formatted.

Barcodes4.meBarcodes4.me API: Barcodes4.Me is an online barcode generator, capable of creating barcodes of various types and sizes. QR codes can be generated with specified ECC level and size. The Barcodes4.me API provides a RESTful interface for generating barcodes. The API supports full customization including dimensions, text and borders, and color reversal. The API creates .png, .gif, or .jpg files.

Bitcoin-StatusBitcoin-Status API: Bitcoin-Status is a site that monitors the uptime of the major bitcoin exchanges, wallets, and other services. The site monitors if they are online, if they have had downtime in the last 24 hours, last 60 minutes, or currently. They also provide charting of up & downtime, reaction time, and loading time. The Bitcoin-Status API provides users free access to the data feeds for all of the tracked exchanges and service sites. Users can get the data in XML, JSON, or ARR.

BitcurexBitcurex API: Bitcurex is a Bitcoin trading system that allows users to purchase, hold, trade, and sell Bitcoins within the Bitcurex community. The Bitcurex API allows the user to manipulate his or her trading account using trading bots. The API allows calls to get funds, get orders, buy or sell Bitcoins, cancel orders, get transaction history, and withdraw funds. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON.

BitMyMoneyBitMyMoney API: BitMyMoney is a Netherlands based payment service that allows users to accept and make payments in Bitcoins as well as hold their Bitcoin investments securely offline. The BitMyMoney API allows users to make call to get the Bitcoin exchange rate for current Euro transactions, start a transaction, see a payment page, check a transaction status, and make other payment related calls. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON or JSONP. An account is required with service, and SSL is used for security.

BizimplyBizimply API: Bizimply is a cloud service for viewing and managing day-to-day business operations. Users can view key numbers, sales targets, employee data, hours worked, customers served, and more from Bizimply's dashboard. It also provides services for creating business reports and managing documents online.

The Bizimply API allows developers to populate metrics with data collected from a business's EPOS (Electronic Point of Sales) system, automatically generating sales records by shift.

Cambridge Journals OnlineCambridge Journals Online API: Cambridge University Press publishes over 300 peer-reviewed academic journals covering research across a range of subject areas. In addition to journals, Cambridge Journals Online also keeps their metadata and supplementary materials like video, images and datasets. The RESTful API gives developers access to all of the data for use in third party applications.

CatLab Bitcoin GatewayCatLab Bitcoin Gateway API: CatLab Interactive is a computer game and browser based game development community. The CatLab Bitcoin Gateway is a User Interface designed to ease the bitcoin transfer process. The service uses an API Key, returns JSON, and cost 1% of transferred amount, plus a transaction fee. Instead of a pop up or third party service, users are able to type in the address to send the Bitcoin to, and the rest is done on the backend.

CeleryCelery API: Celery is an application that lets businesses and merchants accept pre-orders and allow customers to pre-pay for goods and services.

The Celery API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Celery with other applications. Some example API methods include managing orders, managing account information, and managing products.

Crypto::StocksCrypto::Stocks API: Crypto::Stocks is a crowdingfunding Platform that allows users to fund business ideas using Bitcoins, Litecoins, or Devcoins. The site provides an avnue to get financing for ideas, as well as invest in projects and earn dividends. The Crypto::Stocks API allows users to buy, sell and trade crypto-currencies. Calls include getting security info, get lists of securities, get dividend history, get orderbook, as well as full trading info. An account is required with service. The services uses REST calls and can return XML or JSON.

Deutsche-Boerse VALUES Deutsche-Boerse VALUES API: Deutsche-boerse is an exchange organization that is comprised of stock market investors, global capital market companies, and financial institutions They offer a full range of financial services, from securities and derivatives, to clearing services, and market data production. The VALUES API is a connection and log-in Function that allow the user to access the exchange service. The service supports Asynchronous data transfers between user systems and the exchange central system. An account is required with service.

Eurex VALUESEurex VALUES API: Eurex is a derivatives exchange service that offers low-cost electronic access to fixed income markets and international benchmark products. The VALUES API is a connection and log-in function that allow the user to access the exchange service. The service supports asynchronous data transfers between user systems and the exchange central system. An account is required with service.

GameBananaGameBanana API: Game Banana is a pc game customization community where users share code, learn programming tips and tricks, and participate in the development of new video game technologies. The Game Banana API uses REST calls and allows users to access Game Banana data about active projects, users, forums, and associated posts.

HammerWiki WarHammerWiki War API: Warhammer is an online game where users create a character and explore a mythical realm. The War API allows users to manipulate almost every aspect of the Warhammer Online User interface. The service uses SOAP calls and an account is required with service.

HockeyStreamsHockeyStreams API: HockeyStreams is a web service that streams hockey games from the NHL, AHL, OHL, QMJHL, WHL, and more. Features include DVR capabilities, and XBOX and Playstation 3 compatibility.
The HockeyStreams API provides a RESTful interface for automating user Authentication, live streaming, on-demand streaming of full games, condensed games, and highlights, and score data. The API requires a user account and API Key. Responses are JSON formatted.

HotfileHotfile API: Hotfile is a file hosting and sharing site. The Hotfile API allows developers to automate site functions including file creation/deletion, account management, and user and file data retrieval. Some methods may be called anonymously, some methods require a login, and some require a premium membership.

i.materialisei.materialise API: i.materialise is an online 3D printing service. Users upload a 3D model and i.materialise creates a physical object. i.materialise supports files from most 3D modeling softwares and file formats. Objects are available in a variety of materials.

The i.materialise API allows developers to automate site functions. Currently supported operations include file uploads and materials catalog requests.

inLight RadioinLight Radio API: inLight Radio is a free online radio player that streams music from over 22,000 internet radio stations with more being added continuously by users. When available, the inLight Radio player displays the current song's lyrics and album art. Users can right-click on the album art to purchase the track or album from Amazon, or they can record one or more tracks while they listen.

Developers can access inLight Radio's stations for use in their own internet radio apps by contacting inLight Radio for API details.

KochavaKochava API: Kochava is a tool for keeping track of user installs of mobile applications and the actions precipitating those installs. This helps app developers optimize their ad campaigns and use the methods that will produce the most installs at the best price. Kochava tracks clicks, installs, post-install events, and post-install revenue in real time. Kochava's reports can be viewed from its dashboard, exported as Excel documents, or accessed programmatically via REST API.

MentionMention API: Mention is a social media monitoring application. Mention allows companies and brands to follow the mentions they get on media, social media, and around the web.

The Mention API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Mention with other applications. Some example API methods include managing accounts, retrieving mentions, and sharing and managing alerts.

NetloadNetload API: Netload is a file hosting and sharing site. The Netload API provides developer access to netload functionality. Exposed resources include file uploading, file information requests, and link status checks. The API supports HTTP GET/POST calls and requires a user account.

PixodromPixodrom API: Pixodrom is a real-time image (captcha) to text decoding service that utilizes human workers from around the world. The Pixodrom API allows users to upload images(CAPTCHAs), set parameters, receive the decoded image(CAPTCHA) value, retrieve the status of the image(CAPTCHA) as well as several account related functions an queries. The service has an average efficiency of 90% and uses REST calls. The site is primarily in Russian.

PutLockerPutLocker API: PutLocker is a file hosting and sharing site. The PutLocker API allows developers to automate file uploads through a simple POST call. The API supports converting files to streaming, and allows users to specify what folder on their profile the file uploads to.

SaxoBank DirectSaxoBank Direct API: SaxoBank A/S is a licensed Danish Bank that enables institutional clients to trade multiple asset classes on the same platform. The site offers extensive information on the trading technologies and platforms provided as well as a live API pricing demo that allows users to place trades in different strategies and determine the API related cost. The API allows users to trade FX, Commodities, indicies, CFDs, CFD DMA, stocks, and futures. An account is required with service. The API operates over VPN and uses SSL or IPsec for security.

SciBiteSciBite API: SciBite is a drug discovery search engine that continuously scans the internet for new drug-related information. It helps users find new drugs and drug data by tracking the latest news, clinical trials, grants, and blogs relating to pharmaceutical and biotechnology developments.

The SciBite API provides programmatic access to its drug discovery data so that other entities can make use of it, and so that informaticians can find new connections within the data.

ScreenheroScreenhero API: Screenhero is a collaborative screen sharing application. Screenhero allows users to collaborate on documents and projects in real-time by sharing their screens.

The Screenhero API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Screenhero with other applications. The main API method is sending an invitation to share the screen with other people and allowing them to see the screen.

SculpteoSculpteo API: Sculpteo is an online 3D printing service. Users upload a 3D printed model and Sculpteo ships a 3D object. Sculpteo supports files from most 3D modeling softwares and keeps shapes, colors, and textures as designed. Objects are available in a variety of materials.
The Sculpteo API provides developer access to Sculpteo functionality through HTTP POST calls. Supported processes include uploading files and ordering designs. Responses and progress tracking are JSON formatted.

Share-OnlineShare-Online API: Share-Online is a file hosting and sharing site built with an emphasis on simple and fast operation. The Share-Online API provides HTTP POST calls for uploading files and checking the filestatus of links. The API may upload files singly or in chunks.

StaplesStaples API: Staples is an international office products company. The Staples API is a RESTful web service exposing catalog functionality from Staples.com. Exposed resources include product data and product category details. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted.

Stremor Liquid HeliumStremor Liquid Helium API: Stremor is a language heuristics technology company focusing on content storage, discovery, consumption, and participation for mobile users. Liquid Helium is Stremor's language heuristics engine that analyzes and interprets written content so that it can be manipulated and used in web connected devices.

The Liquid Helium APIs are a suite that include the following APIs:

Search Results – Returns summaries of pages, author’s social media links, information about the outlinks of a page, and keywords from the URL.

Automated Summary and Abstract Generator – Generates instant 350 character (+/- 10%) summaries of long content from text or URLs. Summaries are returned as highly readable paragraphs with complete sentences for the best end- User Experience.

RSS Summary – Allows for batch processing of an entire RSS Feed (up to 30 items). Each item will be fetched from the URL in the feed, summarized and returned as an RSS 2.0 feed.

Content Extractor – Extracts the HTML for the main content of any page on the internet. The API strips away headers, footers, navigation, comments, and other unwanted debris, providing only the core content.

TaggPicTaggPic API: TaggPic is an automated photo tagging web application that adds geolocation data and tags to photographs. TaggPic uses crowd-fueled computer vision technology to recognize landmarks, buildings and other objects in images without needing GPS data.

USDA National Farmers Market DirectoryUSDA National Farmers Market Directory API: The USDA National Farmers Market Directory provides the public with self-reported information on U.S. farmers markets. This includes the locations, travel directions, operating times, product offerings, and accepted payment methods for the listed farmers markets. The accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed and, for listings that have not been recently updated, prospective market-goers are advised to contact the listed market representative or check the market's website (if available) before visiting.

The USDA National Farmers Market Directory is maintained by AMS Marketing Services. The directory's contents can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

VirCurExVirCurEx API: VirCurEx is an online exchange for users to buy, sell, and trade bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. The VirCurEx allows users to make calls for bid and currency info, check trades, make trades, review account information, and numerous other calls. An account is required with service. Users attempting to utilize the API without the intention of executing trades will be blocked. The API uses REST calls and will return XML or JSON. An account is required with service.

VulnDBVulnDB API: VulnDB provides developers with a system for managing their security knowledge. It allows them to define and use consistent testing methodologies as well as maintain a Library of curated issue descriptions that can be reused in reports to save time. VulnDB also provides public access to their own library of issue descriptions.

Developers can use the VulnDB API to access issue description pages located in both the public and private libraries programmatically. API users have full control over their private pages, but access to public pages is read-only.

WP RemoteWP Remote API: WP Remote is a service for managing an unlimited number of WordPress-powered sites from one location. It allows users to keep their sites' WordPress versions up-to-date, along with any installed plugins and themes. It can also create and download a full copy of a site in .zip format. WP Remote cannot be used to alter site content, settings, etc. The WP Remote API allows developers to add, retrieve, or delete their sites from the system programmatically.

ZubhiumZubhium API: Zubhium is an application management platform, supporting Android beta distribution, reporting and support, user management, analytics, and more. The Zubhium API provides a developer interface for uploading Android .apk files. The API supports simple HTTP POST calls and requires an API Key.