36 Politics APIs: Sunlight Labs Congress, OpenSecrets and GovTrack.us

36 Politics APIs: Sunlight Labs Congress, OpenSecrets and GovTrack.us

Our API directory now includes 36 politics APIs. The newest is the DemocracyEngine API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Sunlight Labs Congress API. We list 19 Sunlight Labs Congress mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of politics APIs. In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 31 politics REST APIs and 2 politics SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 24 politics XML APIs and 22 politics JSON APIs. The most common tags within politics are 25 government politics APIs, 8 news politics APIs and 4 Canada politics APIs. On the mashup side, we list 80 politics mashups. We named VoteNight as mashup of the day two weeks ago. For reference, here is a list of all 36 politics APIs.

  7-Eleven Election API: Unscientific election Polling service

  ActBlue API: Democratic fundraising service

  Amnesty International API: Database of censored sites and data

  Brazilian Election Candidates API: Brazilian election candidate information service

  Capitol Words API: Track words used by US government representatives

  Civic Footprint API: Political geography lookup for Illinois

  Democracy Game API: Dutch Parliamentary System Simulation

  DemocracyEngine API: Donation Processing Service

  deutschland API: German elected officials information service

  Follow The Money API: Database of US campaign contributions

  FreedomSpeaks API: United States political data lookup

  GovTrack.us API: US Congress database service

  GovTracker API: Rhode Island state data services

  How'd They Vote? API: Canadian Parliament voting records

  Huffington Post Pollster API: Political opinion poll results

  Illinois State Board of Elections API: Illinois election data service

  Mackinac Center for Public Policy Votes API: Michigan politics and policy information service

  Make The Change API: Canadian electoral district data service

  New York Times Campaign Finance API: U.S. campaign finance data

  Open States API: State legislative information

  OpenSecrets API: U.S. political data lookup

  Poligraft API: Political Entity Extraction Service

  Politwitter API: Canadian politics social media aggregator

  Project Vote Smart API: U.S. political data lookup

  Robotalker API: Robocalling and telemarketing service

  San Francisco Ethics Commission Lobbyist API: San Francisco lobbyist information database

  Sunlight Labs Congress API: US Congress database service

  Sunlight Labs Real-time Congress API: Near Real-Time Information on the Current Congress Session

  TheyWorkForYou API: Track the UK Parliament

  Vote.ca Districts API: Canadian Voting Place Locator Service

  Voter Guide Toolkit API: Issue and candidate support information service

  Voting Information Project API: Election information service

  Washington Post Campaign Finance API: Campaign Finance Data

  Washington Post Issues API: Political Speaker Transcript and Statement Database

  Washington Post White House Visitors API: White House Visitor Log

  Watchdog API: Political data lookup

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