37 New APIs: Nest, British Airways, and The Magic Gathering

This week, we had 37 new APIs added to our API directory including an SMS Bitcoin payment platform, an API for the New York Public Library digital collections, and a platform to organize personal media collections. We also discussed 6 great ways to increase API adoption, which is critical for any public API.

42com42com API: 42com is a telecommunications company that offers a range of services that virtual network operators can use when designing their own products. 42com comes with an online Authentication API, the latest version of which uses a keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC) rather than a username-password combination for login. The 42com website is available in both English and German.

AdlibAdlib API: Adlib provides software to manage and share collections. Thier systems use an open Platform, employing Microsoft SQL database technology, for ease of Integration, and to ensure sustainability. Adlib API is a command Library to access databases created through their software. The command library is organized into six categories: Search, Write, Session, Lock, Utilities, and Select. This API provides three methods to build applications: URL requests, Adlib.Data Windows dll or JQuery plugin.

AlertraAlertra API: Alertra is a website monitoring service that notifies users via phone call or SMS when an outage or slowdown occurs with their websites, servers, or routers. It also has with the unique ability to quickly detect hard connection failures, equipment lockups, and OS failures. Additionally, Alertra can identify problems with the user's authoritative name server immediately without having to wait for the TTL (time-to-live) to expire. Users can integrate with Alertra via REST API. The available functions allows users to get uptime statistics, download detailed check data, set up new devices to be monitored, and automatically suspend monitoring when server backup begins. Users are invited to request additional API functions as needed.

BitTargetBitTarget API: BitTarget is an SMS messaging service that only accepts payments in Bitcoins. The service allows users to send SMS around the world using a REST API. Code samples are available for the API in PHP, Python, and Shell Script. Users can test BitTarget by having it send a free text message to their cell phone.

British AirwaysBritish Airways API: British Airways (BA) is a full service global airline with an extensive global route network based out of the United Kingdom. British Airways offers developers a REST API for the integration of BA data into third party applications. Current public API offerings include: Flight Time Info, for the latest flight information distributed by BA; Flight Offer, for the latest BA flight offers; and Availability, for hotel, car hire, and package offer information distributed by BA. An API Key is required.

Danish Heritage AgencyDanish Heritage Agency API: The Danish Heritage Agency is a database containing information about all artwork purchased and supported the Danish Arts Foundation. Covering approximately 4800 works of art, the Documentation includes images, text, and interviews. The API uses registration data to disseminate selections from the museum collections and art index. Data from various sources can be linked and presented together.

Dating DNADating DNA API: Dating DNA is a dating website. The Dating DNA API provides dating features and services that can be added to social networking sites and internet devices. Dating DNA API can be used with social networking site apps, like Facebook and Linkedin, as well as chat rooms, personal websites, widgets, classifieds, mobile devices, and other dating sites. Some available features include: one-click compatibility scoring, "fly-by" compatibility scoring, and photo browsing by compatibility.

DeckBrew Magic: The GatheringDeckBrew Magic: The Gathering API: DeckBrew is a website for building Magic: The Gathering (MTG) decks. Although the website is still under development, it already has a functional API for retrieving information on MTG cards. This information includes a listing of all MTG cards; listings of cards from a given multiverse, set, or color; details on a single card, etc. All textual information presented through the API belongs to Wizards of the Coast. The DeckBrew API is still in beta, and changes may be made at any time.

DesmosDesmos API: Desmos provides users with a free in-browser graphing calculator built on HTML5 technology. This calculator is capable of quickly plotting any equation, from the simple to the complex. Additional features allow users to add sliders to their graphs and to organize data into data tables. Users can embed the Desmos calculator within their own web page using JavaScript.

IkdoeIkdoe API: Ikdoe combines other internet resources to create one source for events and activities happening in the Netherlands. Ikdoe gathers lists from websites like Bbetribes, uitinenschede, paradiso, hardloopkalender, allowing users to discover all types of events (music, lectures, dance, readings, workshops, etc.) going on in specific neighborhoods at any time.

MasterXchangeMasterXchange API: MasterXchange is an online exchange for MasterCoin, a type of cryptocurrency. This type of MasterCoin is not the same as the one traded on Cryptsy, and the two are not interchangeable. The MasterXchange API provides functions that allow users to get the last 500 trades, see the 500 best bids and asks, and get the current number of MasterCoins in existence.

Museet for SøfartMuseet for Søfart API: Museet for Søfart (M / S) is the Danish Maritime Museum. The M / S search API is for searching Danish maritime history. The API enables users to search multiple databases for Danish seafaring history through a single point of entry. The functions made available to developers enable extracting data without needing to access the Source Code.

NestNest API: The Nest Thermostat is a smart thermostat that learns the homeowners' habits and then automatically adjusts the house's temperature. Nest Protect is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that warns users before it sounds and can be deactivated easily by waving an arm at it. Both devices can be controlled from the user's mobile phone. The Nest API allows users to control the Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect as well as display their current configurations. By using the API, developers can integrate Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect with their own products, applications, or services.

Networking4allNetworking4all API: Networking4all is a company from the Netherlands providing SSL certificates, domain name registration, and website hosting services. It permits companies or individuals (retailers, IT managers, purchasing agents, consultants) to act as resellers of its services. With this API, Networking4all allows resellers to manage client or contact information, access product information, and and make SSL Certificate orders and domain name requests.

NYPL Digital CollectionsNYPL Digital Collections API: NYPL Digital Collections API provides access to portions of the New York Public Library's digitized collections. They are available as machine-readable data records that users can search, crawl, and compute. The metadata is in a bibliographic schema format developed by the Library of Congress called MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema).

OpenkvkOpenkvk API: Openkvk is a database of information from a handful of resources including kvk.nl (Dutch Chamber of Commerce), belastingdienst.nl (Dutch tax information), and rechtspraak.nl (Supreme Court of the Netherlands). The API allows access and cross-origin Resource sharing of this database.

OptimoRouteOptimoRoute API: OptimoRoute is a web-based service for planning delivery routes and scheduling field service appointments. Optimizing routes allows users to save time, money, and fuel. Users can import addresses from Microsoft Excel and routes from Excel, a GPS device, or a smart phone. The OptimoRoute API allows users to integrate methods for creating orders, deleting orders, getting planned routes, and getting scheduling information into their own applications.

Pirate TimesPirate Times API: Pirate Times is the international news service for Pirate Parties International (PPI), a nonprofit group dedicated to promoting consumer rights, author rights, copyright reform, information privacy, information access, and related causes. They work with and through existing political structures rather than outside or against them. The Pirate Times API allows users to retrieve information on Pirate Parties (political groups that share PPI's goals) around the world via REST calls.

PlexPlex API: Plex media services provides an interface to organize personal media: movie & tv collections, music library, photos, home videos, etc. Plex Media Server can be run on multiple devices. Media can be tracked, streamed, shared, and automatically uploaded. Plex provides APIs to control the runtime environment and access contextual request information. The runtime environment provided by the Framework is where all plug-in code is executed.

Qconf- Quick Conference CallQconf- Quick Conference Call API: Qconf (Quick Conference) is a large conference call platform that allows dozens of people from around the world to meet in a virtual conference room. There are no long-distance charges for international conference calls. The Qconf API allows users to access all aspects of the platform programmatically. Its specific functions include sending email invitations, sending SMS reminders, recording conference calls, and much more.

SlackSlack API: Slack is a tool for managing team communications. Slack brings together all of a team's messages, files, and posts from Twitter, Dropbox, Trello, Google Docs, GitHub, and other services in one place. Once collected, these materials are archived and indexed so that they can all be searched at once. Native applications are available for iOS and Android devices to give users full access to Slack on the go. Slack comes with an API that allows users to integrate it with other third-party applications. Some out-of-the-box integrations are provided, but the API provides additional functions above and beyond those. With the Slack API, users can upload an image or file, get a channel's history, set a channel's "unread" marker, retrieve lists of files, and search a Slack instance.

TruliooTrulioo API: Trulioo provides social identity information for businesses to verify their users. It detects spammers, determines legitimate registration, and authenticates users. Supports most major social networks. The API enables global identity verification.

UPS Address ValidationUPS Address Validation API: UPS Address Validation allows programmers to code and integrate UPS functionality into business applications and e-commerce websites. This API ensures that shipping addresses are valid. If there is an error in the shipping address, a list of potential valid addresses is provided. Additionally, this API enables confirmation of correct addresses by customer service representatives during customer calls.

UPS Address Validation-Street LevelUPS Address Validation-Street Level API: UPS Address Validation Street Level ensures that shipping addresses are valid. With this API, if there is an error in the shipping address, a list of potential valid addresses is provided. Address classification can also be used to determine if addresses are residential or commercial. Programmers can code and integrate UPS functionality into business applications and e-commerce websites.

UPS GeminiUPS Gemini API: The UPS Gemini APIs enable easy and quick information organization. With these APIs you can automate order management and processing, calculate rates, generate labels and documentation, search orders, and cancel requests. Gemini APIs include the Shipping and Rating APIs and can integrate the Tracking API.

UPS LocatorUPS Locator API: The UPS Locator API provides developers a way to include a search for UPS shipping locations into applications. The search is based on type and available services and can find the following types of locations: The UPS Store® locations, Mail Boxes Etc. locations, UPS Customer Centers, UPS Drop Boxes, UPS Express, Staples® and Office Depot®, Authorized Shipping Outlets (ASO), and UPS Authorized Service Providers. The API is offered in XML format. Results can be displayed in two ways: as a list of locations, or combined with mapping vendor freeware to include directions.

UPS PickupUPS Pickup API: UPS Pickup API can be integrated into business e-commerce websites or applications. It provides businesses and their customers the ability to schedule the pickup of freight shipments, packages that were previously processed, or new shipments. Businesses and their customers will be able to access the UPS Pickup services: Package and Less-than-Truckload (LTL). Client applications can also utilize UPS's environmentally friendly pickup options.

UPS Quantum ViewUPS Quantum View API: The UPS Quantum View API provides various shipping information including: shipment manifest information, status updates, and event alerts for inbound and outbound shipments. Businesses can see information about their own shipments sent using their UPS Accounts, as well as UPS packages sent by vendors to the different receiving locations of their organization. This API comes in XML format and allows businesses to customize their data import.

UPS RatingUPS Rating API: UPS Rating API identifies all UPS services available, domestic and international, and displays rates catered to package specifications. Customers can compare, rate, and select the most fitting service for their needs. The API is in XML format and allows developers to custom create the UPS shipping menu to suit various website and application designs and layouts.

UPS Signature TrackingUPS Signature Tracking API: UPS Signature Tracking API provides Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.) with a digital signature and full delivery address. This information is provided in seconds and enables companies to have a shorter time between sale and funds collection. UPS tracking information is provided through a real-time, secure Internet environment. The API comes in XML format and allows developers the ability to integrate with the website or enterprise application design and layout.

UPS Time in TransitUPS Time in Transit API: The UPS Time in Transit API allows businesses to include complete shipping transit time information on their websites and e-commerce applications. Customers can view time information on all available UPS shipping services, including both number of days in transit and scheduled delivery date and time. This allows customers to review delivery options when they place orders, and to manage the arrival of multiple packages with various points of origin. The API comes in XML format, which allows developers to integrate with the website or e-commerce application design and layout.

UPS TrackingUPS Tracking API: UPS Tracking API provides businesses with the ability to give customers package tracking information on their own websites. Customers can track their shipments and check the status of their orders directly on e-commerce sites. The API is available in both HTML and XML. The XML version gives flexibility to format the tracking data to cater to design and layout.

UPS TradeAbilityUPS TradeAbility API: UPS TradeAbility APIs manage the trade issues that occur with international shipping. They provide information and services in real-time, with up-to-date regulations and licensing information, watch lists and forms, and accurate cost estimates. They help businesses maintain and manage trade regulations compliance. The suite of TradeAbility APIs include Denied Party Screener, Export License Detector, Import Compliance, and Landed Cost.

USPS Address InformationUSPS Address Information API: The U.S. Postal Service provides a suite of USPS Web Tools that customers may integrate into their own websites to validate or find mailing addresses, track and confirm mail delivery, calculate shipping rates, and create domestic or international shipping labels. The Address Standardization service helps users ensure efficient delivery by standardizing street addresses, correcting abbreviations, adding missing information, and adding ZIP codes. The ZIP Code Lookup service can determine the ZIP Code or ZIP Code+4 for an address where the city and state are known. The City/State Lookup service can determine the city and state associated with a given ZIP Code or ZIP Code+4.

USPS Signature Confirmation LabelUSPS Signature Confirmation Label API: The U.S. Postal Service provides a suite of USPS Web Tools that customers may integrate into their own websites to validate or find mailing addresses, track and confirm mail delivery, calculate shipping rates, and create domestic or international shipping labels. With this service, senders can create a signature confirmation label and an online customer record for a parcel shipped within the U.S., allowing the sender or sender's customers to track delivery status of that parcel.

USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation LabelUSPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation Label API: The U.S. Postal Service provides a suite of USPS Web Tools that customers may integrate into their own websites to validate or find mailing addresses, track and confirm mail delivery, calculate shipping rates, and create domestic or international shipping labels. This service allows users to create a tracking label and an online customer record for a parcel shipped within the US, allowing the user or user's customers to track delivery status of that parcel.

WixWix API: Wix is a web development platform for users to create Flash and HTML5 websites, mobile sites, and customized Facebook pages. It is cloud-based and utilizes drag and drop tools. The Wix API gives third party developers enhanced functionality when interacting with the Wix ecosystem. Some features include: standard HTTP response codes for errors, HTTP verbs for resource interaction, and authentication that is industry-standard for information safety.