37 Recognition APIs: AT&T Speech, Moodstocks and Rekognition

Our API directory now includes 37 recognition APIs. The newest is the Sentence Recognition API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Bioid Web Services API. We list 2 Bioid Web Services mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of recognition APIs. In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 27 recognition REST APIs and 4 recognition SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 15 recognition XML APIs and 20 recognition JSON APIs. The most common tags within recognition are 18 recognition photo APIs, 11 recognition face APIs and 9 recognition sbweb APIs On the mashup side, we list 1 recognition mashups. We named Art4Europe as mashup of the day in November. For reference, here is a list of all 37 recognition APIs. AISpeech API: Speech recognition service Animetrics Face Recognition API: 3D face recognition Animetrics FIMS Cloud API: Facial biometrics applications AT&T Speech API: Speech based services Betaface API: Face detection and recognition service BioID Web Services API: Face and voice biometrics service BiometryCloud API: Face detection and recognition service Catchoom API: Image recognition technology Cortexica API: Image recognition service Dextro Image Recognition API: Object recognition for images Eyedea Facedetector API: Face detection and recognition service Face.com API: Face Recognition FaceCash API: Mobile payment processing service FaceDetection API: Image recognition service iSpeech Automated Speech Recognition API: Speech Recognition Service kooaba Query API: Image recognition service LambdaLabs Face API: Face recognition service Moodstocks API: Image recognition and search service MyCaption Speech to Text API: Text to speech service Nexiwave API: Speech recognition platform NuGram Runtime API: Speech recognition service nViso API: Emotion recognition service Ocutag API: Image recognition service OneTok API: Voice recognition service PhoneTag API: Voice-to-text service Pongr Image Recognition API: Image Recognition Service Recognize.im API: Image recognition service Rekognition API: Face and Scene Image Recognition Scaled Recognition API: Visual and Textual Recognition Service Sentence Recognition API: Meaning-based phrase matching service SkyBiometry Face Detection and Recognition API: Face detection and recognition service Solutecia API: Artificial Intelligence based tools speechapi API: Speech recognition and text to speech service SpringSense Meaning Detection API: Meaning Recognition (Word Sense Disambiguation/Detection) API syncrhonize.tv API: Video device monitoring and synchronizing service Viewdle API: Video face recognition service WeKnowIt Speech Service API: Speech recognition service

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