39 APIs Used in 7 Days - Semantic Web, Music, Gov and Twitter Mashups

This past week 27 new mashups were add to our mashup directory and 39 different APIs were used to build them. Some of the newer or less frequently seen APIs used this week include BBC Music, Evri, LazyTune, New York Times Congress, SemanticHacker, True Knowledge. The types of APIs most often used were: Search APIs (5 APIs, 7 mashups), eCommerce APIs (4 APIs, 6 mashups), and Mapping APIs (4 APIs, 14 mashups), with the top 3 APIs used this week Google Maps, Twitter, and YouTube. The list below shows which APIs were used by which mashups:

Amazon eCommerce Amazon eCommerce used in FillUs.in, Glastonbury 2009 Lineup Mashup, Got Free Shipping?

Amazon S3 Amazon S3 used in Booli.se

BBC Music BBC Music used in Glastonbury 2009 Lineup Mashup

Blogger Blogger used in Flyfishmap

Bloglines Bloglines used in BuzzInUSA

eBay eBay used in Got Free Shipping?

Evri Evri used in Evri Toolbar

Flickr Flickr used in D.C. Historic Tours, where? what? when?

Google AdSense Google AdSense used in Flyfishmap

Google AdWords Google AdWords used in Flyfishmap

Google Ajax Feeds Google Ajax Feeds used in Favorizer - Categorized Blogs And Feeds Directory

Google Ajax Search Google Ajax Search used in GYbrowse, W3Wallpapers

Google App Engine Google App Engine used in Videonym

Google Base Google Base used in Vermont Jobs Site

Google Chart Google Chart used in Statistic Charts

Google Maps Google Maps used in Bike Rentals Online, Booli.se, College Programs Map, D.C. Historic Tours, Dublin Hotels Map, FillUs.in, Find Properties in Calgary, Flyfishmap, GoolzOOm Denamark, Trip Links, where? what? when?

Google Maps Flash Google Maps Flash used in Trip Links

Google Search Google Search used in Glastonbury 2009 Lineup Mashup

Google Spreadsheets Google Spreadsheets used in Statistic Charts

Google Static Maps Google Static Maps used in Trip Links

Google Visualization Google Visualization used in Statistic Charts

Google Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster Tools used in College Programs Map

Last.fm Last.fm used in FillUs.in, Glastonbury 2009 Lineup Mashup

LazyTune LazyTune used in Glastonbury 2009 Lineup Mashup

Microsoft Virtual Earth Microsoft Virtual Earth used in GoolzOOm Denamark

MusicBrainz MusicBrainz used in Glastonbury 2009 Lineup Mashup

New York Times Article Search New York Times Article Search used in Regime

New York Times Congress New York Times Congress used in Regime

OpenSecrets OpenSecrets used in Regime

SemanticHacker SemanticHacker used in Videonym

Shopping.com Shopping.com used in LCD TV Price Comparison

Sunlight Labs Sunlight Labs used in Regime

True Knowledge True Knowledge used in Google Enhancer - True Knowledge, QuizBot

Twitter Twitter used in BuzzInUSA, Got Free Shipping?, Hand Picked Twitter, The Longest Poem in the World

Wikipedia Wikipedia used in D.C. Historic Tours

Yahoo BOSS Yahoo BOSS used in GYbrowse

Yahoo Term Extraction Yahoo Term Extraction used in Videonym

Yelp Yelp used in D.C. Historic Tours

YouTube YouTube used in BuzzInUSA, FillUs.in, Flyfishmap, Videonym

Mashups of the day:
And each day there is one mashup selected to be Mashup of the Day. Here are last week's winners:

 D.C. Historic Tours

 Glastonbury 2009 Lineup Mashup

 Got Free Shipping?

 Hand Picked Twitter





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