39 Barcode APIs: Barcode Scanner, Amazonca and SearchUPC.com

Our API directory now includes 39 barcode APIs. The newest is the Barcodes4.me API. The most popular, in terms of mashups until it was deprecated last Fall, is the Google Chart API. We list 87 Google Chart mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of barcode APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 25 barcode REST APIs and 3 barcode SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 15 barcode JSON APIs and 13 barcode XML APIs.

The most common tags within barcode are 19 QR barcode APIs, 14 utility barcode APIs and 12 tools barcode APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 2 barcode mashups. We named QR Maker as mashup of the day in November 2011. For reference, here is a list of all 39 barcode APIs.

  Amazonca API: Online barcode database

  BarCode Generator API: Barcode creation service

  Barcode Scanner API: Barcode scanning service

  Barcodes4.me API: Barcode and QR code generator

  Barcodesoft API: Bar code generating service

  CodeGenerate API: Barcode Creation Service

  CodeREADr API: Barcode scanning service

  FotoZap API: Photo sharing service

  GEPIR API: Get company contact information via bar code

  Google Chart API: Chart creation service

  KAYWA QR-Code API: QR-Code access service

  LevelUp API: Online and mobile payment service

  Mutationevent QR code generator API: QR code generator

  My Tape Labels API: Barcode tape label generator

  Myqr API: Qr code service

  Open EAN/GTIN Database API: Barcode database

  QR and DMX Barcode Generator API: 2 dimensional barcode generator for QR and DMX codes

  QR-Server QR Code API: Online QR Code API (a 2D barcode)

  QR4 QR Code API: QR code generator

  qrd.by API: QR code generator

  QRdvark API: QR scanning app

  QReate.me API: Mobile tagging service

  QRickit QR Code API: QR code generation service

  QRtag API: QR code creation and distribution service

  RACO Barcode API: Barcode and QR code generation service

  Scanbuy ScanLife API: Barcode reader application

  Scandit Product API: UPC-based product database

  SearchUPC.com API: UPC Search with Barcode generator

  ShopSavvy API: Mobile shopping application

  SITA Boarding Pass API: Airline boarding pass creation and distribution

  SPARQcode QRGen API: Create custom QR Codes

  Stickybits API: Attach digital content to barcodes

  Swiss Post Barcode API: Swiss shipping document service

  TagLabs ActiveTag API: Mobile QR code tagging service

  TeliaSonera Tag API: 2 Dimensional barcode generator

  TrakQR API: QR Code management service

  Unitag API: QR code generator

  Warranty Life API: Product purchase tracking service

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