39 New APIs: Apportable, AYLIEN, and Built.io

This week, we had 39 new APIs added to our API directory including an online advertising platform, a shopping cart and audit service, and a marketing and engagement analysis platform. We also discussed Telegram and WhatsApp, whether or not Telegram can beat WhatsApp with a public API.

24X7SMS API: 24X7SMS is an Indian SMS portal that provides bulk SMS and voice chat solutions to customers around the world. 24X7SMS can connect with more than 800 mobile operators worldwide. Recipients don't have to pay for SMS received through 24X7SMS. Support is available at all times over chat, email, or phone calls. 24X7SMS provides two SMS APIs: one for sending texts within India, and another for sending texts internationally.

AdStage PlatformAdStage Platform API: AdStage is a online advertising platform that allows users to create and manage advertising campaigns. The service offers cross-network ad tools and a flexible platform so users can focus on the campaign. The AdStage Platform API users can integrate new or existing complementary apps into the AdStage Platform directly. An account is required with service.

Agregador FinancieroAgregador Financiero API: Agregador Financiero is a financial aggregator aimed to help streamline the financial transaction collection process. The site allows users to input bank information, which is stored locally, and specify movements within a website. The service then accesses all entered banks, pulls financial transactions from each, and compiles the information into spreadsheets. The Agregador Financiero API allows users to automate the process of data collection. An account is required with service.

ApportableApportable API: Apportable is a platform to convert iOS games into games that can work on the Android platform as well. Apportable allows developers to create and maintain games for Android without having to change a lot of code. The Apportable API and SDK allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of Apportable with other applications. Some example API methods include managing account information, transforming games, and user management.

AYLIEN Text AnalysisAYLIEN Text Analysis API: The AYLIEN Text Analysis API consists of eight distinct Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, and Machine Learning APIs which, when combined, allow developers to extract meaning and insight from any document.

Built.ioBuilt.io API: Built.io is an online platform for building web and mobile applications. Built.io offers a variety of tools and features for users to create, build, and manage web and mobile applications. The Built.io API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Built.io with other applications and create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving applications, managing users, and uploading features and files.

Cloud.IQCloud.IQ API: Cloud.IQ is a shopping cart recovery and audit service that aims to increase the online sales of its clients. The site offers cart recovery to contact customers that left a site before purchasing items that were left in the users cart, cart audit to evaluate the contents of the abandoned carts to estimate lost sales, and callback, an online sales assistant service. The Cloud.IQ API uses REST calls, and allow users to build email, sms, and call back solutions into applications. The API can be used to launch targeted campaigns, send simple email reminders, as well as track the effectiveness of messaging.

CoolaDataCoolaData API: CoolaData provides solutions for data and databases, analytics, and features to map, track, and analyze data and behavior data. The CoolaData API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of CoolaData with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email info@cooladata.com for more information.

donbulkSMSdonbulkSMS API: donbulkSMS is a Nigerian bulk SMS portal. It provides flexible billing packages and supports both numeric and alphanumeric sender IDs. Users can integrate donbulkSMS with their own website or application programmatically via API, enabling users to send SMS or check their account balances over REST or SMPP calls.

evamegsmsevamegsms API: Evamegsms provides users with bulk SMS services that can be used to deliver SMS around the world. Possible uses include marketing to customers, issuing general alerts, and sending messages to friends en mass. Evamegsms' SMS units never expire and can be used at any time. Users can even send mass SMS from their mobile phones using the SMS2All feature.

Everything FontsEverything Fonts API: EverythingFonts provides a font conversion tool, a directory of fonts, a font marketplace for having font work done, and other font tools. The Everything Fonts font conversion API allows users to switch fonts from one format to another, font-face, font subsetting. The API supports major formats including ttf, otf, svg, woff, postscript formats and others.

excelngSMSexcelngSMS API: excelngSMS is a Nigerian SMS service that delivers SMS to 700 networks in over 150 countries. Users can integrate the excelngSMS messaging gateway with their own applications or systems via REST API, enabling users to send SMS and check their account balance from within those applications.

FinansportalenFinansportalen API: Finansportalen is a site provided by the Norwegian Consumer Protection Agency to provide consumers the ability to make good choices in the market for financial services. The portal is a tool that helps consumers to compare financial industry products The Finansportalen API exposes data feeds on financial products for the Norwegian market. An account is required to view the URLs for data feeds.

GenesisBulkSMSGenesisBulkSMS API: GenesisBulkSMS is a Nigerian bulk SMS provider that caters to businesses, organizations, and private individuals. Users can integrate with the GenesisBulkSMS gateway using the service's REST API, allowing users to send SMS and check their account balances from within third-party websites, systems, or applications.

GlobalItWebsGlobalItWebs API: GlobalItWebs is a software, e-commerce, and website design company based in India. They also offer bulk SMS services for use within India, including long code SMS. Their SMS services are meant for a wide variety of use cases. Users can integrate with GlobalItWebs' SMS services using a RESTful API.

GMT SMSGMT SMS API: GMT SMS provides bulk SMS services. Users can customize their sender ID, schedule SMS, receive inbound SMS, make Network Query (NQ) requests, and more. An online customer portal allows users to access their delivery reports at any time. Users can integrate with GMT SMS programmatically via REST or SMPP API. Sample code is available in PHP, ASP, C#, and other languages.

Have I been pwnedHave I been pwned API: Have I been Pwned is a database of usernames and email addresses that have appeared on breached website disclosures. The site contains breach data from 16 websites, and contains over 161,000,000 accounts that have been "pwned." The Have I been Pwned API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and uses SSL for security. The API allows users to make calls to access the data housed on Have I Been Pwned, including getting all breaches for an account, getting all breaches in the system, and other calls.

iSocketiSocket API: iSocket is a platform for ad buying and selling. iSocket offers automated advertising buying and selling features for both publishers and advertisers. The iSocket API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of iSocket with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

Kev SMSKev SMS API: Kev SMS is a Nigerian bulk SMS messaging service designed to fulfill a variety of different usage scenarios. Users may choose to employ Kev SMS's bulk SMS services themselves or to resell them. Users can connect to the Kev SMS messaging gateway via API, allowing them to deliver SMS or check their account balance from within other applications.

LocalyticsLocalytics API: Localytics is a marketing and analytics platform for web and mobile applications. Some features of Localytics include engagement analysis, segmentation, and acquisition management. The Localytics API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Localytics with other applications. Some example API methods including managing sessions, managing events, and tagging.

Metro Global SMSMetro Global SMS API: Metro Global SMS is a Nigerian company that provides SMS and voice SMS services. Users are only charged for messages that are successfully delivered. Developers can integrate with the Metro Global SMS messaging gateway via REST API. This allows them to deliver messages and check their balances from within their own websites or applications.

milkySMSmilkySMS API: milkySMS provides a Nigerian SMS gateway that allows users to send messages across 700 networks in more than 150 countries. Users can integrate their websites or applications with the milkySMS gateway via REST API, enabling them to send SMS or check their balance from within those applications.

MireZone SMSMireZone SMS API: MireZone SMS (MZsms) is a Malaysian SMS marketing service that provides worldwide SMS coverage. MZsms comes with a wide variety of features such as two-way SMS, group messaging, Unicode support, SMS delivery reports, message scheduling, email-to-SMS, sender ID customization, an open source plugin, birthday reminders, and more. Users can integrate MZsms's SMS gateway with their own website or application via REST API. This allows users to send SMS, receive confirmation or error reports for a sent message, schedule future SMS, and check their account balance.

MotleyBunchMotleyBunch API: MotleyBunch helps partners who have access to email inboxes to extract structured information out of them. MotleyBunch allows users to access all purchases into one place, track all shipping data, get insights into purchases, and share purchases with friends. Partners can extract information relating to purchases made by their users using the MotleyBunch API and integrate it into their own product. Using this API partners can extract receipts related to product purchases, travel, hotels, airlines, services etc. from the emails. Please email dhiraj.bansal@motleybunch.com for API access.

NeighborhoodNeighborhood API: The Neighborhood API is a service that allows users to find the U.S. neighborhood that corresponds with a given set of geographic coordinates (i.e. latitude and longitude). The service is free, unless users wish to donate or want to pay for their own dedicated instance. Users can access the API via REST calls issued in JSON format.

OpenGraph HybridOpenGraph Hybrid API: OpenGraph.io way to get Open Graph information from websites. Many sites still do not provide OG tags so the OpenGraph site utilizers spiders to search sites for graph available data. The OpenGraph API allows users to run REST queries containing a target URL, and get open graph data in return. Registered users will have an API key to use for the search.

PFLlink PrintingPFLlink Printing API: Print For Less is a printing company that offers the ability to send professional-looking mailers to 500 customers, printed full-color on both sides, quickly produce 2,000 product or sell sheets for a trade show, put together 7,500 16-page product catalogs or booklets, upgrade newsletters to full color, or create posters for an event or cause. The PFLlink Printing API allows users to send marketing materials. Users can send a single customized piece to a single client or tens of thousands to the prospective clients. The API uses REST and an account is required with service.

PNRDekhoPNRDekho API: PNRDekho is a PNR number verifier where users can enter their passenger name record(PNR) and receive the status of the passengers ticket and travel plans. The Indian Railways API is an unofficial web service providing access to Indian Railways data. The API is capable of querying PNR status. This API accepts simple HTTP requests and returns JSON formatted responses.

PopulrPopulr API: Populr is a platform that allows users to create websites for anything quickly. Users can create web pages for anything, share the link, and track the link. The Populr API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Populr with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving templates, posting content, and retrieving analytics for links.

RelateIQRelateIQ API: RelateIQ is a relationship management service that focuses on being data driven to present optimal solutions. The service utilizes your email history, business activity, and your contact frequency to facilitate scheduling, messaging, and other relationship management activities to free up time for more business focused activities. The RelateIQ API uses REST calls and returns JSON. It allows users to get lists, search relationships, add relationships, set field values, and create comment events. An account is required with service.

Srch.ioSrch.io API: Srch.io is a website of search tools that allows users to add search tools into third-party websites, as well as add sitemaps. The Srch.io API allows users to access site maps, feeds, URLs, Account details, and manipulate assorted searcher and searching resources. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and uses API Tokens for authentication. The first 1,000 calls are free then $0.33 per 1,000 of each.

SumnotesSumnotes API: Sumnotes is a PDF and note taking service that allows users to upload PDFs and the site will extract any notes or highlights into a separate document. This API allows you to extract annotations and notes from your PDF files. Output format is JSON. The service offers 24/7 dedicated support.

Text2AfricaText2Africa API: Text2Africa is a Nigerian bulk SMS provider that focuses on serving the area around Nigeria and Ghana. The service promises to deliver customers' text messages in 3 seconds or less. Text2Africa can be used directly or resold by the user. Text2Africa comes with REST and SMPP APIs so that other applications and systems can access its services programmatically.

TrekksoftTrekksoft API: Trekksoft is an online platform for ticket, tour, and travel bookings and payments. Trekksoft offers a variety of online solutions for travel providers. The Trekksoft API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Trekksoft with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving tours, managing tour information, and user account management.

Vias Groups Bulk SMSVias Groups Bulk SMS API: Vias Groups is an India-based bulk SMS service for users and resellers. Resellers can create their own SMS gateway, brand their portal as they like, pick their own SMS prices, and claim themselves as the developers. Resellers can even subsequently offer their services to other resellers. Users can create and manage multiple sub-accounts and allot credits, validity, etc. to those accounts. Accounts can be integrated with third-party applications programmatically via API.

VIP Bulk SMSVIP Bulk SMS API: VIP Bulk SMS allows users to send SMS online. From the website, users can compose SMS, review sent messages, review chat history, review transaction history, manage their personal settings, and more. Users can integrate the VIP Bulk SMS messaging gateway with their own websites or applications via API, allowing users to deliver messages and check their balances programmatically over REST calls.

Webpage AnalyseWebpage Analyse API: Webpage Analyse is a free website analysis tool that collects, analyzes, and processes domain-related information from a variety of sources. They also offer independent tools for discovering whois information, website load times, IP information, and Google PageRank. Webpage Analyse comes with a suite of REST APIs that allow users to find similar sites, determine whether a site contains adult content, determine the category of a site, get a site's Google PageRank, and get a screenshot of a site in a specified size.

WebSprixWebSprix API: WebSprix is an Ethiopian provider of MVAS (Mobile Value Added Services). Their services include bulk SMS, voice broadcasting, call conferencing, SMS marketing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS-based polling, etc. Developers can integrate WebSprix's bulk SMS services with their own applications or systems via API. Ready-made scripts are available in PHP and Java.

Zrecharge.inZrecharge.in API: Zrecharge.in provides India-based bulk messaging services. It includes features such as an easy-to-use control panel, a built-in mobile database, real-time DND (Do Not Disturb) number scrubbing, multi-language messaging (via Unicode), duplicate number removal, etc. Users can integrate the Zrecharge.in messaging gateway with their own application or website using REST, SMPP, or FTP.


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