3D Mapping Platform Provider eeGeo Releases Points of Interest API

eeGeo, an interactive 3D mapping platform provider, has released a Points of Interest API that allows developers to submit and manage custom points of interest to be used primarily with the eeGeo example app. This initial version of the eeGeo Points of Interest API focuses primarily on indoor POIs so that customers can create POI datasets for their own venues. The Points of Interest API is available via the eeGeo SDK.

Screenshots of Recce, eeGeo's showcase app, built with the eeGeo 3D mapping platform. App code is open source.

The eeGeo platform allows developers to build applications that feature beautifully designed, interactive 3-D maps. eeGeo provides a cross-platform SDK that makes it possible for developers to build eeGeo-powered applications for iOS, Android, OSX, WebGL and OculusVR using a single API. The eeGeo platform includes a variety of features, many of which can be controlled via the eeGeo SDK including (but not limited to):

  • Design Control – Developers can style aspects of the map to match the application UI or the company brand. Buildings, roads, pins, markers, labels, textures, lighting and more can be customized.
  • Indoor Maps – Developers can create indoor maps of a venue and 3D indoor maps for over 25,000 venues worldwide can be automatically generated. This feature uses indoor map data provided by Micello.
  • Map Markers – eeGeo includes customizable responsive map markers and hover card implementation.
  • Route Drawing – Routes can be drawn on the map using the Route Drawing API. Vehicles can be placed on routes and a route can be “played-back” similar to a media playback function.

The Points of Interest API allows customers to submit and manage their own custom POI datasets for indoor venues. While the Points of Interest API focuses primarily on indoor venues, the API does allow outdoor POIs to be created as well. The API also includes a few POI search query options such as free text search, category search, and indoor map constrained category search.

The Points of Interest API is the second API the company has released within the past month. eeGeo released an Indoor Maps API (beta) at the beginning of the month that developers can use to create models of indoor venues and then using those models, build applications that provide engaging indoor map experiences for users. Both of these APIs are available via the eeGeo SDK.

For more information about the eeGeo platform and SDK, visit eeGeo.com.

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