3D Pioneer Systems Launches Appaloza 3-D Model Marketplace

3D Pioneer Systems, a 3-D printing Platform, printer and marketplace solution provider, has officially launched the Appaloza 3D Model Marketplace. The testing phase of Appaloza was initiated earlier this year with the goal of a broader launch by the end of 2014. Appaloza is now generally available for both designers and consumers. To celebrate the launch and encourage marketplace participation, Appaloza unveiled an in-game 3-D printing API and a design competition.

The in-game 3-D printing API allows developers to integrate with the Appaloza platform. After Integration, gamers can print out items directly from a game.


"3D Pioneer have identified an unexploited niche in the market where companies in the gaming and entertainment industries are looking to exploit the fast-growing 3-D printer install base but face technical and economical hurdles," said Joshua O'Cock, 3D Pioneer Systems' chief marketing officer. "Companies will require confidence that their designs will be looked after, protected from unwanted copy, printed in high quality and via a great User Experience. Appaloza will serve as a gateway to enable the exploitation of the booming 3-D printing technology and offer new business models, revenue streams and levels of brand loyalty."

As an example of how Appaloza can be integrated with a game, 3D Pioneer Systems will soon release a mobile game named Tangled Tut. As gamers move through the game and earn trophies and other rewards, they will be able to print such rewards without leaving the app. If users aren't connected to print, the rewards will be waiting for them in the Appaloza Library.

To help populate the marketplace, Appaloza has launched a design competition. Designers can upload 3-D designs to the marketplace. The top 10 models will receive $100 in cash, and 300 designers will received $10 cash. Additionally, Appaloza will self-populate the marketplace with more than 600 free, never-before-seen 3-D printable designs.

Appaloza has built-in security, which gives designers different options to protect a model. IP protection has become a hot topic for debate in the world of 3-D printing marketplaces, and Appaloza believes it has found a secure answer to the potential problems. Check out the marketplace today and consider entering the Appaloza 3D Showdown contest.

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