3D Systems Launches Powerful New Tools for Cubify: AppCreate and Cubify API

3D Systems has announced the release of AppCreate and the Cubify API, two new powerful additions to Cubify, an advanced 3D modeling and printing Platform.


The Cubify Bugdroids Collection --- Image Credit: Cubify Blog

AppCreate is a web based tool that makes it possible for artists and modelers to create Cubify web apps without the need to know programming or be a technology expert. Cubify app users are able to customize and personalize the creations of 3D artists and modelers. Cubify app creators earn a set percentage of the sale generated from each 3D print that is ordered using their app.

The Cubify API provides developers a means of monetizing their apps by using the Cubify platform for 3D printing, shopping cart and sales orders. Developers can create 3D modeling apps that generate .stl, .obj, or .wrl files then use the Cubify API to add the files to a shopping cart that is powered by the Cubify platform. There are currently only two methods available for orders to be completed:

  • Cloud Printing - The app user will not have access to the model file and they will receive a physical 3D print in the mail
  • Digital Download - The app user will have the option to download the model file in digital format.


The revenue an app developer using the Cubify API will receive depends on the order fulfillment method (cloud printing or digital download).

The Cubify 3D modeling and printing platform makes it possible to design fun and creative products such as toys and games, Bugdroids, art and collectibles, Jewelry, iPhone Covers and more.

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