3scale and Red Hat Partner on Comprehensive API Management Solution


3scale and Red Hat have formed a partnership and have announced the launch of a new comprehensive API management solution that combines the 3scale API Management Platform with technologies from the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio. This platform includes API development, integration, and deployment capabilities allowing enterprises to build software services that can be exposed as APIs.

Red Hat JBoss Middleware is a suite of enterprise-grade products that connect different platforms and applications together. JBoss Middleware products can be used to create applications, integrate systems and data, automate time-consuming app development processes, and more. Red Hat also offers a community version, JBoss community projects, that developers can use to test and integrate middleware capabilities as well as for advanced prototyping and development projects.

3scale offers an All-in-one API Management platform that makes it possible for businesses to manage their APIs throughout the entire API lifecycle. The 3scale platform is highly scalable and allows API providers to "package, distribute, manage and monetize APIs" using 3scale infrastructure. 3scale provides several software plugins including Python, PHP, Java, .NET, Ruby Gem, and Perl that developers can use to connect to the 3scale platform. There is also a 3scale Service Management API that developers can use to integrate the 3scale management platform with existing systems.

This joint solution between Red Hat and 3scale, provides frictionless support covering the full-stack API solution. The partnership formed by 3scale and Red Hat allows 3scale platform capabilities such as access control, analytics, and developer/partner portals to be bundled with Red Hat middleware tools. The API itself can be deployed on Red Hat JBoss xPaaS for Openshift which can be hosted in the cloud as well as on premises (via Red Hat middleware portfolio). The API management components (provided by 3scale) can be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), via the 3scale APIcast Cloud API Gateway, or on Openshift. It should be noted that the integration bundle is between the Jboss platform and 3scale.

While this solution is a bundle containing functionality from both the Red Hat and 3scale platforms, customers do not have to to use the two solutions as a bundle. However, the bundled solution offers the benefit of seamless technical documentation and support from both Red Hat and 3scale.

"Our collaboration with RedHat makes it easy for our customers to expose assets with APIs in a secure and managed way - either on-prem or in the cloud - through a lightweight, flexible, open-standards based package," Steve Willmott, CEO of 3scale, told ProgrammableWeb. "It's important for us to give our customers choice and control in how they manage their API programs and this partnership is very much in line with that goal."

For more information about this solution, visit 3scale.net and RedHat.com.

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