3scale Launches APIcast Cloud API Gateway Service



3scale, a leading API management platform, has announced the launch of APIcast, a free Cloud API Gateway that allows APIs to be launched, managed, and scaled, without the need to modify backend code or deploy internal API gateway proxy software or hardware.

3scale is an all-in-one API platform that allows businesses to deploy, manage, and monetize their APIs. APIcast provides a solid baseline for APIs, supporting up to 50,000 API calls/day and allowing up to 500 developer accounts. While APIcast is a solution designed for providers of low to moderate volume APIs, the service can be used by enterprises for API staging and testing. 3scale also offers several paid plans that feature higher API call limits, integrated payments, management of multiple APIs, and more.

The new APIcast Cloud API Gateway service is just one of the tools and services for API management provided by 3scale. In May, ProgrammableWeb published an article where 3scale explains how to scale an API without having to significantly increase IT resources or rewrite the entire API. The article mentions techniques such as API call aggregation, rate limiting, offboarding calls and client side caching. In the ProgrammableWeb article, Steven Willmott, CEO of 3scale, explains how the 3scale platform provides caching capability:

"We [3scale] have a lot of customer growth, our standard system uses Nginx which customers deploy and that synchronizes with our backend and API. What we did, when customers were going into 40 or 50 million transactions a day or more, we actually gave them, the means to do this with a Redis cache on their side too. So you can really push more and more functionality over to the customer in a lot of scenarios."

APIcast includes a built-in developer portal, Swagger-based interactive documentation, traffic and usage reports, and other API management features. Steve Willmott says in the press release that "3scale's overall objective is to make it easier and cheaper to launch and operate an API. Helping to grow the API Web is at the heart of everything we do and the APIcast cloud-hosted gateway helps make that happen by making APIs even easier to launch and run."

For more information about the free 3scale APIcast Cloud API Gateway service, visit 3scale.net/apicast.

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