3SCALE Launches AWS API Proxy

3SCALE recently announced the launch of the 3SCALE AWS API Proxy. The new offering allows anyone to setup an API management proxy on Amazon's AWS infrastructure. To learn more about the new API proxy, ProgrammableWeb caught up with 3SCALE CEO, Steve Willmott.

First, Willmott provided a quick overview of the new offering and explained its benefit to the API market:

"The new service allows anybody to easily set up an API management proxy on Amazon's AWS infrastructure service with a few clicks. The proxy provides Rate Limiting, access control, analytics and policy enforcement out of the box for APIs hosted either on Amazon AWS or elsewhere. The proxies also link to 3scale infrastructure that allows the user to seamlessly create an API Developer Portal and on boarding program for the API Users. Customers can set up as many proxy nodes as they need and there is no cost apart from the normal Amazon Machine Compute costs."

The API Proxy is already available at the AWS Marketplace. Anybody consuming or offering APIs is a potential 3SCALE customer, and Willmott addressed the obvious targets for the new offering:

"3scale already has a large array of customers running their APIs on Amazon AWS and they've previously had to go through several initial steps to get setup - this makes this process quick and easy. It's also suitable for organizations that have their APIs hosted in places other than Amazon that wish to to use Amazon EC2 compute nodes to create a virtual API firewall in the cloud."

As Willmott mentioned, many 3SCALE customers already use Amazon in production environments. According to Willmott, the new proxy "provides extra ease of use and speed" to those already utilizing the 3SCALE and AWS. The use case scenarios for the API proxy are vast. Willmott presented a high level concept that could easily be translated across many offerings to any industry imaginable:

"The solution fulfills all the main use cases of our full API Management Platform including supporting APIs for mobile backends, building partner ecosystems, supporting customer Integration and internal integrations."

Speed and ease of use will be critical to 3SCALE's judgment on the success of the API proxy. 3SCALE will also keep a close eye on how many proxies are created and run. For more information, visit the API proxy on the AWS marketplace.

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