3Scale Launches Open Source API Proxy Providing Enterprises On-premises and in the Cloud API Traffic Management

3Scale, a leading Plug and Play SaaS API Management Platform and services provider, has just announced the launch of a new Open Source API Proxy that provides Enterprises API traffic management on-premises and in the cloud.

3Scale Open Source API Proxy

Image Credit: 3Scale

3scale's Open Source API Proxy is built on the NGINX Web Server, a popular, open-source, HTTP server and reverse proxy that currently powers a number of well known sites including Eventbrite, Facebook, GitHub, Heroku, Pinterest, TechCrunch, and WordPress.com.

The Open Source API Proxy when used in conjunction with the out-of-the box API Management solution 3scale provides, makes it possible for API providers to easily open and manage APIs without the need for programming skills and can take "less than 5 minutes" to get started. Additional benefits are described in the press release as follows:

  • Easily (and securely) open and manage APIs.
  • Launch APIs with the fastest time-to-market.
  • Keep control on their API architecture and.
  • Use proven technologies in the most demanding production environments.

The Open Source Proxy product site provides additional information about what is included with the 3scale/NGINX setup as well as detailed Documentation.

The documentation explains how to setup the Integration using "proxy mode." Using proxy mode, integration with 3scale's management platform can be done without having to make any modifications to the API Source Code or the need to re-deploy the API.

About the new Open Source Proxy, Guillaume Balas, 3scale CMO, is quoted as saying in the announcement:

"As of today this makes 3scale the API Management solution provider with the richest and most flexible set of technical options to manage API traffic. At 3scale we want companies with great and valuable APIs to be able to distribute them easily, rapidly, without hampering the economics of their API project and without disrupting their existing infrastructure: this what 3scale's API Management solution provides."

Visit the 3scale site to find out more about the Open Source API Proxy and to sign up for a free account.

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