3seventy Releases SMS Marketing API And Developer Trial Program

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3seventy Inc. has an easily consumable API as well as a fully featured management portal to help developers quickly and seamlessly integrate text messaging into their existing systems or development projects. The community is invited to find innovative ways to best utilize SMS for any industry. The company’s free trial account provides developers with immediate access to live SMS channels to use in their own development environments.

“Our goal in designing this API was always to make it developer friendly, and provide not just an SMS gateway but a fully featured text messaging Platform,” said Ben Brown, 3seventy’s Director of Engineering. “We found that developers were ‘reinventing the wheel’ with features that don’t come to mind at first, but are realized later when they advance their text messaging campaigns. This platform addresses those issues out of the box.”

With the SMS trial account, developers may take advantage of these features:

  • Message Scheduler: Users can plan ahead. Create, update, and schedule a message to go out at a future date/time.
  • Coupon Generator: Why create an algorithm for unique coupon codes, when the system can do it for you? Coupon codes can be inserted into messages and include validation dates.
  • Compliance: SMS compliance has become a nightmare for many big brands. This platform has compliance messages and footers built in, so a company can reduce the risks and time to market by not having to develop your own compliance components for sending text messages.
  • True Dialog: The most unique thing this platform has to offer is seamless two-way text messaging. Host multi-threaded conversations with end users using automated or open-ended responses without users leaving the text inbox.

CEO of 3seventy, John Wright, described the campaign as “This initiative is our way of inviting the developer community to try our platform, so they can see how easy it is to use and connect with existing systems. Text messaging should be easy to implement, so we built it that way."

Over the next couple months, 3seventy will be releasing a fresh reporting platform and other development tools. To sign up for a free trial account, visit http://www.3seventy.com/API or contact a representative at sales(at)seventy(dot)com.

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