4 eCommerce APIs for Simple Payment Processing

While retail enjoys most of the eCommerce attention, it is important to remember that many other endeavours, that don’t necessarily deal in physical goods, also qualify as eCommerce. These include SaaS and PaaS businesses, licensed software, paid advertising and data subscription services, to name just a few.

In a recent article for Practical Ecommerce, Armando Roggio discussed 4 popular eCommerce APIs for easily adding payment capabilities to your website.

StripeTrack this API is the payment processor that aims to provide simple eCommerce capabilities to web developers. When configured properly, the service uses client-side JavaScript to send customer payment information directly to Stripe’s own server, bypassing the original website’s server entirely.

Since customer payment details are never under your control, Stripe removes the hassle of maintaining Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.

Similarly, Braintree is a payment processing solution with client-side SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript. It also offers server-side SDKs for a range of languages to provide a comprehensive and robust API. Its “hosted fields” feature for JavaScript hosts payment-related form fields on Braintree’s own servers, removing your business from PCI DSS scope.

The ubiquitous PayPalTrack this API has mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. Its REST API is easily accessed via CURL, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Node.js and C#. Paypal also offers a SOAP API, giving developers more options for adding eCommerce payments to their websites.

Authorize.Net is an advanced eCommerce solution with an extensive API offering. This includes their “advanced Integration” service for server integration, along with a direct post method which is intended to reduce PCI DSS scope.

By allowing any business to monetize almost any content, site or service, payment processors like these can easily turn ideas into money-making ventures. 

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