4 Mashup Contests Ending Soon

Speaking of last week's post on contests, there are 4 mashup competitions ending this month, including one today. Besides AOL's contest, others ending in the next few weeks include the GoodStorm API Developer Challenge, the GeoIQ Mashup Contest and the ClearForest Semantic Web Services Contest from ProgrammableWeb sponsor ClearForest.

In just over 15 months there have been 21 mashup contests. See them all on our /contests page.


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[...] As noted earlier this month a number of this fall’s mashup contests have reached their deadlines for entry submission. For two of them, the Rhapsody Web Services Contest and ProgrammableWeb sponsor ClearForest’s Semantic Web Services (SWS) Mashup competition 2006, the mashup entries have now been reviewed and the winners announced. Here’s Rhapsody’s announcement and here’s ClearForest’s press release. Both contests did an excellent job of getting developers to try the APIs, generated a variety of innovative ideas, and lead to some very interesting mashups. [...]