4 New APIs: Cloudkick, Groupon, NileGuide, and Penolo

This year continues its rapid pace of new APIs and our directory now has 1876 APIs. What's new in APIs this week? Some of the latest include an API for cloud server monitoring, a group shopping service API (from one of the hottest startups around), a travel research and planning service API, and an API for a Twitter sketching tool. More details on each of these new APIs below:

CloudkickCloudkick API: Cloudkick is a cloud monitoring that helps system admins manage cloud servers. Cloudkick enables a company to manage internally hosted servers and run the Cloudkick's agent and report into the same console as your cloud computing infrastructure from AWS, RackSpace, SliceHost and others.

GrouponGroupon API: Groupon features a "daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities across the United States". Groupon gets discounts you won't find anywhere else through the power of group buying. The goal of Groupon API is to allow applications to directly interact with Groupon via a REST API.

NileGuideNileGuide API: NileGuide is a resource to research and plan your next trip. On NileGuide, travelers can discover what theyrre looking for on their vacation from small hotels in Seattle or hole-in-the-wall pubs in Prague. The service can connect travelers to relevant suggestions that make for more rewarding travel experiences. NileGuide API makes most of their original travel content available to partner websites.

PenoloPenolo API: Penolo is a tool for you to create sketches and share them on Twitter. The Penolo REST API currently supports a limited number of read-only features: getting sketches by tag, by person, all sketches, or details for a specific sketch. Sketch results are paginated and returned in XML or JSON.


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