4 New APIs: Football (soccer), Bible, Motorsports, and Document Viewing

This week we had 31 new APIs added to our API directory (nearly as many as last week's record-setting pace). Some notable new entries include an API for an online document viewing service, an online bible reference API, a motorsports events and calendar service API, and a football (soccer) API. More details on each of these new APIs below:

Adeptol CloudConnectAdeptol CloudConnect API: Adeptol provides an on-demand viewer that supports more than 300 document types which includes Office documents, Open Office, PDF, Images, AutoCAD files etc. The RESTful API allows users to link documents from their website to the Adeptol server or to embed the viewer within their own websites.

Biblia.comBiblia.com API: The Biblia API provides Web, mobile, and desktop applications with access to Bible text through web services. Biblia is an interdenominational project allowing for online bible study. Specifically, there are services that "get information about the available Bibles (Find, Image), download the text of those Bibles (Content), and search those Bibles (Search). Additional services support validating Bible references (Parse), comparing Bible references (Compare), and finding Bible references in text and HTML (Scan, Tag)." The service uses a RESTful interface and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, JSONP, text or HTML.

MotorsportReg.comMotorsportReg.com API: MotorsportReg is "a membership management and event registration service for motorsport driving and social events organized by car clubs, racetracks and individuals in North America. We make it easier and more fun for organizers to manage events by helping with everything from memberships to payment processing to email blasts. Events include autocross, driving schools, club races and rallies organized by groups like the SCCA, BMW CCA, PCA, Audi Club, Miller Motorsports Park and Road America."

openfootyopenfooty API: Openfooty offers the latest football (soccer) videos, a community, a proprietary dreamfooty fantasy football game, user profiles, and fan traits and fan valuation leaderboards. The openfooty API makes the footytube technology platform available to developers, editors, publishers, and "footy addicts" who want to dig deep into the world of football. The API is offered via a RESTful protocol and returns data in JSON or PHP format.

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Comments (2)

Thanks for adding us to the list - we're interested in adding to the MotorsportReg.com API and more users will help us shape future enhancements. Anyone interested in participatory motorsports should check it out. Thanks!

Openfooty looks very good, it definitely is a consideration when looking for content on a website. It's just a shame that they are so amateur in their dealings, I put a request in a month ago for a commercial API key to use their systems, meaning I am willing to pay to do so.

And have had no reply at all, they appear to do nothing and expect people to wait months, so instead of giving people a reply within a few business days on whether they are successful on getting a free API key, they say on their support forum, that if you haven't heard in a month you can consider your application unsuccessful.

Which is a joke in itself , so they want paying customers which as a business you can understand, but as a paying customer and not to reply after a month or so means this organisation is very amateur and should be avoided as they will keep you hanging, not answer any support questions on their forums, and treat clients with complete contempt !

Openfooty = avoid like the plague !