4 New APIs: Google, Amazon, Intuit, and Factual

Some of the biggest names in web APIs released new web services this month including Google, Amazon and Intuit. In looking at 4 of the new additions to our API directory last week there's the new Amazon RDS: a Relational Database in the Cloud, Google's Website Optimizer now has an API, and Intuit has rolled-out new APIs and tools that let QuickBooks Services Bridge the Desktop and the Cloud, and last but not least is an interesting new API from the folks at Factual that lets you create and embed tables of data anywhere. Outlined below is more detail on each of these new APIs:

Amazon RDS Relational Database ServiceAmazon RDS Relational Database Service API: Amazon Relational Database Service, aka Amazon RDS, is a web service that lets you set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. It provides cost-effective and resizable capacity. Amazon RDS gives you access to the full capabilities of a MySQL database. Thus the code, apps, and tools you already use today with your existing MySQL databases work as-is with Amazon RDS. The API provides

FactualFactual API: Factual provides users with the tools to create and embed tables that show various sorts of data. The API allows developers to take these tables and customize them to their own interest. Examples of the site's use include a directory of California restaurants or a database of endocrinologists. The API is currently free of charge.

Google Website OptimizerGoogle Website Optimizer API: The Google Website Optimizer API is part of the Google Analytics API and allows for developers to programmatically create and modify website optimizer experiments. These can be A/B tests as well as multivariate testing scenarios.

Intuit Data ServiceIntuit Data Service API: The Intuit Data Service provides a secure data repository in the cloud for a business data from Intuit applications and platforms like QuickBooks. It also gives authorized users of that data to securely read and write data to the repository using Intuit Workplace applications. These subscribed-to applications provide features that increase the value of the data.

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