4 New APIs: Gov Transparency Data, MyNewsDesk, Saplo, and Plastyc

This week we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory. Four of the more interesting new entries include a new API to find state and federal campaign contribution data, an API to get structured access to company news information such as press releases, a semantic text analytics API, and a new API for online payments. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Transparency DataTransparency Data API: Transparency Data is a resource for federal lobbyist registrations and federal and state campaign contributions. See what a candidate has received, what an individual has given, how much an organization has spent on lobbying, and many other queries. The Transparency Data API gives developers access to search state and federal campaign contribution data. The API features a RESTful interface and returns data via JSON or CSV.

SaploSaplo API: The Saplo API is a semantic technology platform. The API provides access to services including: Entity Tagging; Topic Tags; Related and Similar Articles; Contextual recognition; and Sentiment Analysis

MyNewsdeskMyNewsdesk API: The MyNewsdesk.com API Platform offers structured press information from over 10,000 companies. Current information types are press releases, news, blogs, pictures, videos, documents, contact persons and events.

PlastycPlastyc API: The Plastyc API allows businesses to enroll people into prepaid cards from their website or phone systems. Plastyc "provides payment and money management services to anyone with Internet access through a platform that issues and maintains the UPside Visa prepaid card line of prepaid debit cards. The API allows companies to sign up users for UPside Visa prepaid cards, and then let users check their balances, share money card to card or suspend lost cards from within the companies' own websites." This is a SOAP-based API.


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