4 New APIs: Tesco, Dutch Parliament, SMS and WiserEarth

Here's a quick rundown of 4 new APIs recently added to our API directory. The most notable of which comes from UK retailer Tesco which we covered in our report on the World's First Grocery API (a story that was then picked-up by at The Guardian and later in a light-hearted post on the press coverage from Tesco's Head of R&D, Nick Lansley: A Bit More Evil). The other additions include an API to access all the documents of the Dutch parliament, another API for sending SMS messages, and an API for a sustainable world that gives you access to the largest international directory of NGOs. Below is more detail on these new additions to our directory.

ikregeer.nlikregeer.nl API: ikregeer.nl publishes all the documents of the Dutch parliament since 1995. Get metadata of a Parliamentary, overview of the last Parliamentary, overview of the last alleged Chamber, all documents associated with a politician, all Parliamentary with a certain keyword, all data for a Parliamentary file, list of all keywords, list of all files, and composition of the second room on a certain date.

SMSgolSMSgol API: This simple API allows website owners to receive and send International SMS text messages, fully customizable and easy to integrate into any website. This API is made under Smsgol.com who currently cover 790+ networks in 220+ countries. Choose whether to send SMS text messages from the smsgol web site or to send text messages from your site with an smsgol widget.

TescoTesco API: The Tesco API gives you access to the vast grocery and more catalog of the third largest retailer in the world. The initial API is SOAP-based, but a new REST-based API is under development.

Tesco is organising an evening for IT developers to learn how to use the new API and make money from their affiliates scheme for customers who use their applications. Called T-JAM, it takes place in London on 5th August, Take a look at http://www.techfortesco.com/tjam for more info.

WiserEarthWiserEarth API: WiserEarth is a free online community space connecting people working toward a just and sustainable world. WiserEarth includes the largest international directory of NGOs (110,000 records). Organizations and communities worldwide are using WiserEarth groups to coordinate their efforts. The API offers access to organizations (except email addresses), solutions, groups (only the About Page metadata), resources, jobs, and events. Currently only Read access is available. Inquire about Write access.

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