4 New APIs: Twitter Hashtags, Semantic Web IDs, Video Search, Custom Maps

Catching-up on some of the latest APIs in our API directory, here are 4 of note. One API lets you leverage semantic web subject identifiers in your apps, another gives you an easy way to define and lookup Twitter hashtags, the next gives you access to an audio and video search engine, and the fourth provides access to a service for custom map data and metadata. Here are the details on each of these:

Subj3ctSubj3ct API: Subj3ct is a new registry and clearinghouse service for Semantic Web subject identifiers. Subj3ct provides users with the capability to enable their web applications to define and exchange subject definitions. The Subj3ct API allows for users to access its online service for storing subject identifiers, identifier equivalences and links to resources on the web that contain more information about a subject.

tagdeftagdef API: Tagdef.com gives users an easy way to define and look up Twitter hashtags. Through its RESTful API, users can retrieve the definitions, returned in XML format, and integrate the data into their website or webapp. For more on Twitter hashtags, see our earlier report on making sense of confusing Twitter hashtags.

Tagoo Tagoo API: The Tagoo XML API allows users to integrate the Tagoo search engine onto their own site or project. Tagoo provides a full audio and video search service. Its API features customization of search by audio/video, search size, and more.

Your Mapper APIYour Mapper API API: Your Mapper provides users with an online mapping service featuring millions of points of data, maps, metadata, and more. The Your Mapper API allows users to integrate the various features with their websites or mobile applications. Users can either use the embedded map service for their sites, or grab the data in standard formats to create apps.

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