4 New APIs: US Congress, Semantic Search, Fashion Search Engine, Read-Write Mapping

In addition to the 4 new APIs we profiled a few days ago, there were 4 more new APIs add to our API directory last week. These include a new API to get access to government data regarding the US Congress, an API that gets you access to a visual search engine for fashion products, a read-write API for geo-related services (which we wrote about last week in TownMe Launches Read/Write Location Data API), and a new semantic search API. Below are more details on each of these:

OpenCongressOpenCongress API: OpenCongress brings together official government data with news and blog coverage to give users the real story behind each bill. The OpenCongress API also developers to access all this data for their website or application.

StylightStylight API: Use the Stylight API to access a visual search engine for fashion products. For example, you could provide a search where someone could enter 'hugo boss' and your app then displays a picture of the result. Construct requests to the Stylight database and receive images, prices or sizes of several brands and products.

TownMe GeoTownMe Geo API: The TownMe API includes both read and write geo-related services. The read side has a reverse geocoder which helps translate coordinates into human readable elements or associations. For instance, give the API "37.78093,-122.409415" and it will return information about the census tract, neighborhood, city, MSA, and state that contains these coordinates (and the POI Finder takes a lat long and gives a set of points of interests including businesses close to that point - which means anyone can build services that allow users to broadcast location or otherwise interact with their "real location"). The write components of the API include the ability to write data about locations. Each API Key comes with its own overlay of the world and the ability to write data to this overlay. So, if you are writing an augmented reality game and want to hide a ghost at a bar in San Francisco, you can write the ghost to the bar using the API and all your users will find it there. This information will be stored on TownMe servers, which means all these interactions could be written in JavaScript without requiring server code.

YebolYebol API: Yebol is a new semantic search engine that currently has 10 million search terms and growing. From the website: " Yebol allows for a multi-dimensional search result instead of the normal one-dimensional search seen by most web search engines today. This provides a more accurate summary of top sites and categories; a wider array of related search terms; a longer and richer expansion for query results; and a deeper base of links and keywords in search result pages."

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