4 New APIs: Wine, Whois and Web Site Monitoring

Since our recent update on new APIs like Google Sidewiki, online storage, content analysis, and social search, we've been adding about 10 new APIs per week to our directory. Four of these news APIs include an API that lets you add a shopping cart to any web site, an API to access web site monitoring data, a handy API for accessing the Internet whois service to get data in XML or JSON, and an API that can lets you get data on over 40,000 wines. Here are more details on each of these new web services:

Payvment API: Payvment is a shopping cart API Web Service that "lets you add shopping cart capabilities to any application. The cart API can be used with your own products or with a retailer's affiliate products." The Payvment Shopping Cart API can also be accessed via Yahoo Developer Network's YQL. This link gets you access to the Payvment beta

WatchMouse WatchMouse API: The WatchMouse service checks the behavior and availability of websites. WatchMouse "allows site owners to optimize the internet experience of their customers. A worldwide network checks websites from 40 different locations in 25 countries around the globe."

The API provides access to data collected via the service, access to monitoring settings, and direct commands to check a site.

Whois APIWhois API: The Whois API returns well-parsed whois fields in XML and JSON formats. Use it to track domain registrations, check domain name availability, detect credit card fraud, locate users geographically. The service automatically follows the whois registry referral chains until it finds the correct whois registrars with the most complete whois data. Works over basic HTTP and avoids firewall-related problems of accessing Whois servers on port 43.

Wine.comWine.com API: Wine.com"s database includes "detailed information on over 40,000 SKUs, including labels, wine maker notes, professional ratings, customer reviews, geographical information, flavor profiles and more. In addition, the API will offer access to its "Wine Basics" content, covering all the major wine growing regions and grape varietals."

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