4 Weather Mashups Win WeatherBug API Contest

WeatherBug has announced the winners of its recent WeatherBug API Excellence Contest. As we reported last month, prizes were offered for applications developed on the WeatherBug API using different programming platforms (PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, etc.). Winners received an 8 GB Apple iPod Touch.

The winners were:

  • Alan Herod's WeatherCurve, which mashes up Google Maps routing information with WeatherBug forecasts; Alan applied the AppJet Javascript toolkit to create WeatherCurve (more at our WeatherCurve profile).

  • Aldo Bongio's WeatherBug Eclipse Plugin, which lets you view live weather information within the Eclipse development environment; Aldo's application accesses the WeatherBug API using Java (our WeatherBug Eclipse Plugin profile).
  • Jim England's MLB Gametime Weather Forecast, which provides you with up-to-date forecasts for what the weather will be at the Major League Baseball stadium during your favorite baseball team's next game; Jim developed a PHP widget that access the WeatherBug API (our MLB Gametime Weather Forecast profile).

  • Sam Boutros's Inthrma, which lets you monitor weather conditions and control your home thermostats appropriately via mobile phone; Sam used PHP to integrate the WeatherBug API into Inthrma (our Weather at Home by Mobile Phone profile).

Follow Matt Hartley's Inside WeatherBug blog for his ongoing series about the entire set of WeatherBug API Excellence Contest entries.

And see the mashup directory for more WeatherBug mashups.

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