40 New APIs: Birdseye, Poptip and SmartThings

This week we had 40 new APIs added to our API directory including a link redirection service with link management and analytics, a file sharing and syncing service for teams, an email application built solely for tablets, and light and lock control functionality for smart phones. In addition we covered an opinion collection service via twitter. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Adap.tvAdap.tv API: Adap.tv is a television and video advertising Platform. Users can buy and sell advertising space and content for television and video. The Adap.tv API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Adap.tv with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

ADP AdvancedMDADP AdvancedMD API: ADP AdvancedMD provides a broad spectrum of medical support services. The site offers medical billing services, practice management, electronic health records, scheduling, eprescribing, and other services. The ADP AdvancedMD API allows users to integrate third-party applications and software with the services offered by ADP AdvancedMD. The API utilizes XML and an account is required with service.

Athey Creek DeveloperAthey Creek Developer API: The Athey Creek Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational fellowship located in Wilsonville, Oregon. The group is based in a warehouse and favors casual rather than dressy clothes. Athey Creek provides a Children's Ministry and hosts a variety of social events. Developers can retrieve information, such as events and teachings, from the website via REST API.

Atomic Mass Email ServiceAtomic Mass Email Service API: Atomic Mass Email Service is a email marketing and mass emailing service. Atomic Mass Email Service provides features for mass emailing and email campaigns such as newsletter creation and subscriber management. The Atomic Mass Email Service API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Atomic Mass Email Service with other applications. Some example API methods include managing contacts, managing address books, and managing and sending campaigns.

BambooHRBambooHR API: BambooHR provides Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Software as a Service for organizations of all sizes. The BambooHR API provides a RESTful interface for developers to manipulate employee data and generate reports. All requests are sent over HTTPS. Responses may be XML or JSON formatted.

Birdseye MailBirdseye Mail API: Birdseye Mail is an email application built specifically for tablets. Birdseye Mail includes features that are easy to use with fingers instead of a keyboard, visual overviews of the inbox, and actions conducive to working on a tablet. The Birdseye Mail API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality with other applications. The main API method is creating custom actions for emails.

BoxmeupBoxmeup API: Boxmeup is designed to help users to track and organize physical objects stored in boxes. It can be used for keeping track of items while moving, sorting items going into storage, or tracking boxes while they're being shipped. Users can access Boxmeup via mobile devices, which can also be used to scan box labels and get their corresponding information from the service.

CalcatrazCalcatraz API: Calcatraz is a software development firm whose products include an online calculator and a touch typing app. Calcatraz makes its calculator programmatically accessible through a simple, free API. Developers simply pass a HTTP call that includes a URL encoded form of their calculation.

CloudZyncCloudZync API: CloudZync is a mobile wallet provider. CloudZync offers a mobile wallet application that allows users to pay with their mobile and redeem vouchers and coupons at merchants. Merchants can accept CloudZync at their locations and for their services. The CloudZync API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of CloudZync with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here for API access: cloudzync.com/partner/.

Code for Europe AuraCode for Europe Aura API: Code for Europe brings together a team of developers to solve local technical problems in ways that can be reused by other European cities. Developers work closely with end-users, civil servants, and IT experts while developing their solutions. Aura is a RESTful API made by a Code for Europe developer named Juha Yrjölä. It allows users to query the locations of snowplows in the Helsinki area. A demo application and Source Code are available.

CoolClimate CalculatorCoolClimate Calculator API: The CoolClimate Network, a division of UC Berkeley’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory, researches greenhouse gas emission and reduction, develops carbon management tools, and advocates voluntary carbon reduction for businesses and individuals. The CoolClimate Calculator is a tool allowing U.S. households to calculate their carbon footprints, compare results, and receive personalized advice on reducing their carbon impact. The calculator is exposed through an API allowing 3rd party applications to compute carbon footprints given user-specified parameters.

DGIdbDGIdb API: The Drug Gene Interaction Database (DGIdb) is a database of known and potential drug-gene interactions. The web interface allows users to search for drug-gene interactions by gene, search for genes by category, or browse categories of genes. The API allows users to search for interactions or to retrieve interaction types, drug types, interaction sources, source trust levels, gene categories, and related genes. Information on drug-gene interactions is collected from multiple resources, including DrugBank, TTD, and PharmGKB.

EMBL-EBI Gene Expression AtlasEMBL-EBI Gene Expression Atlas API: The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), provides open data from life science experiments, performs basic computational biology research, and supports researchers in academia and industry. EBI also hosts the Gene Expression Atlas, a semantically enriched database providing information about gene expression patterns. The EMBL-EBI Gene Expression Atlas API is a SOAP Web Service providing developer access to the Atlas. The API allows applications to query the atlas using four distinct methods.

FIMFictionFIMFiction API: FIMFiction is a fan-fiction site dedicated to stories based on the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. FIMFiction exposes story information through a simple API. Information types include title, URL, short description, usage statistics, ratings, and chapter information. The API supports JSONP for callbacks, as well as cross-origin resource sharing.

InflectusInflectus API: Inflectus is a simple web service that allows developers to easily add Webhooks to applications. The Inflectus API allows developers to integrate the service into their product. The API communicates over HTTPS and returns JSON formatted responses. Free developer accounts are available.

Internet.bsInternet.bs API: Internet.bs is a Bahamas-based internet domain registration service provider. Internet.bs also supports a reseller program, which they expose through a mostly RESTful API. The API allows programmatic management of all aspects of domain reselling. The API accepts HTTPS GET and POST calls, requires a user account, and returns plain text, JSON, or XML formatted responses.

Kraken Image OptimizerKraken Image Optimizer API: Kraken is an image optimization service that supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG files. It helps users compress and optimize their images to save on bandwidth and reduce site load times. Kraken can also perform image cropping and resizing operations prior to optimization. Kraken users can optimize a small number of images for free using the web interface, or they can buy access to the REST API for larger-scale jobs.

LeanpubLeanpub API: Leanpub is a free online publishing service for authors. Users can publish both in-progress and completed books, allowing them to get readers' feedback on the earlier versions. Authors can write using their preferred tools and then publish their manuscripts to PDF, iPad, and Kindle formats. Users can choose their own minimum and suggested prices, and they earn a 90% royalty minus 50¢ per sale. Users maintain all rights to their books and can choose to deal with a publisher at any time.

LearnosityLearnosity API: Learnosity is a cloud-based learning assessment toolkit. It enables users to create tests, administer them, and then analyze the results. So far, Learnosity provides 23 different kinds of questions. The service can Function on any device or OS located anywhere in the world. Learnosity's APIs allow users to author, assess, and report on tests. API users can also embed test editors, questions, or reports in other websites or applications. Additional features are in the works.

LookboardLookboard API: Lookboard is a platform for buying and selling wholesale online. Lookboard provides features for merchants to buy and sell wholesale items online for eCommerce and web shops. The Lookboard API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Lookboard with other applications. API documentation is available with login; interested developers should sign up at developer.lookboard.com.

MyIGA HypermediaMyIGA Hypermedia API: The Indiana General Assembly (IGA) is the law-enacting Branch of the Indiana state government. It provides the MyIGA Hypermedia API, which is a service for retrieving information related to the IGA. This information covers bills, legislators, committees, votes, actions, and more. All API data can be accessed using REST calls issued in either JSON or XML format.

NiveNive API: Nive is a hosting platform and publishing environment for web applications. Easily integrate development components as web services with just a few clicks. Services include user account management, access permissions, website cms, and more. Nive offers a number of API functions for access to Nive services. API functions can be called as http request directly or by using the JavaScript Library. Responses are returned in JSON. API functions include DataStorage, Useraccoutns, Website cms, and HTML application.

NoteShredNoteShred API: NoteShred allows users to send sensitive information via encrypted, password-protected notes that automatically delete themselves when read. Users simply write a note, assign it a password, and select what event should trigger the note to "shred" itself. Notes are only accessible at a unique URL and can only be read by those with the password. NoteShred will notify the sender by email once the note has been shredded. NoteShred can be accessed from mobile devices, and its functions are accessible via REST API.

PinnedURLPinnedURL API: PinnedURL provides link redirection services with link management and analytics. Customers can shorten long affiliate URLs into PinnedURLs for use on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Customers can customize their URL with their own alias. The PinnedURL API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of PinnedURL with other applications. Some example API methods include returning categories of URLs, managing URLs, and managing user information. The API returns either XML, JASON or Plain Text.

PointDNSPointDNS API: Point is a DNS hosting service that hosts more than 220,000 domains for thousands of users around the world. It provides a single interface from which users can manage all of their domains, and it lets users share domain access with their teams and customers. PointDNS includes tools for setting up permanent HTTP redirects and e-mail forwarding, and it allows users to add or replicate an unlimited number of records to their domains. The PointDNS API allows users to integrate the management of their DNS into other applications and systems.

PoptipPoptip API: Poptip is a service for quickly collecting peoples' opinions via Twitter. Journalists, brands, and curious individuals can use the service to tweet a question and collect their followers' responses. Followers reply to queries directly through Twitter, and Poptip aggregates and displays the responses in real time. The Poptip API allows developers to integrate Poptip's crowd participation functions into their applications.

RegCheck.org.ukRegCheck.org.uk API: RegCheck.org.uk, a project from software developer Open Merchant Account Ltd, offers a suite of apps supporting the lookup of UK and Irish vehicle registration plate numbers. The RegCheck.org.uk API allows developers to integrate the site’s registration lookup into websites and applications. This SOAP API provides access to the following data: ABI code, description, registration year, manufacture date range, make/model, current value, body style, engine size, number of doors, transmission, fuel type, make/model description, immobilizer, number of seats, indicative value, and side of steering wheel.

RentMetricsRentMetrics API: RentMetrics provides real estate professionals with data and analyses that can help them understand the residential rental market in a given area. Users can view rental data on a map or download the information as an Excel file. RentMetrics provides accurate and detailed information for individual properties that can be used to get a more complete perspective on prices. The RentMetrics API enables users to create reports and applications that incorporate its rental data.

RipRoadRipRoad API: RipRoad is a mobile medical service connection company that converts complicated medial and mobile technology into an accessible interface. RipRoad provides companies and users with greater access to health related services. They offer programs that cover influenza, prenatal care, asthma alerts, a Q&A health program for teenagers, an appointment reminder program, a messaging program, and several others. The RipRoad API allows users to integrate third-party services with existing RipRoad programs to enhance functionality. An account is required with service.

SeafileSeafile API: Seafile is a file syncing and sharing service for teams. Files are organized into libraries which can be individually shared or synced to devices. Users can edit and comment on shared files, and they can choose to receive notifications when a file is altered. Seafile is compatible with mobile devices, which can access files, notifications, and messages on the go. Developers can access Seafile's functions remotely via REST calls.

SmartThingsSmartThings API: SmartThings is a platform that allows users to control physical things such as locks and lights with their smartphone. SmartThings makes it possible to control multiple devices and things with one application. The SmartThings API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SmartThings with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include setting reminders, turning things off and on, and managing devices and things.

StreamzooStreamzoo API: Streamzoo is a photo sharing and editing service. The app is capable of applying borders, filters, and many other editing effects, as well as adding hash tags and sharing on social networks. The Streamzoo API allows 3rd party applications to access uploads from a specified user, a specified stream, or to access any single item. The API accepts HTTP calls and returns JSON formatted responses.

SupportFuSupportFu API: SupportFu is a flexible, lightweight helpdesk service. Support tickets can be submitted through multiple channels and are all handled in one place. The system is easy for customers to use since they never have to log on or remember a ticket number. Everything in SupportFu updates in real time, and many common actions can be automated. The service includes analytics functions and a leaderboard for helpdesk agents. The SupportFu API provides users with programmatic access to these services, though it is currently still in alpha.

Tambur.ioTambur.io API: Tambur.io provides backend messaging solutions for mobile and web applications. Developers can build applications and use features such as messaging from Tambur.io in their applications. The Tambur.io API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Tabur.io with other applications and create applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: https://www.tambur.io/.

ThoughtStreamsThoughtStreams API: ThoughtStreams is a microblogging service designed to let users write out and work on unpolished ideas. Each new thought starts its own stream so that users can explore, refine, and elaborate on ideas individually. Thought streams can be shared or collaborated on with other users. ThoughtStreams is still in the early stages of development, but it is completely usable. Developers are still working on improving organization, allowing streams to branch, etc.

Tick.eeTick.ee API: Tick.ee is a free online ticketing sales platform. Sign up for an account with tick.ee and sell tickets on a tick.ee mini-site or straight from your own website. Tick.ee offers features such as scan apps, and is easy to set up. Tick.ee offers a REST API for access to account, ticket and user information. Sample API methods include accounts, events, locations, orders, payment service providers, ticket types, tickets, and users. Authentication is provided via OAuth 2.

topoostopoos API: Topoos offers services for developing location based and context-aware applications. Topoos provides all of the pieces and core features that you need so that you can focus your efforts on creating a great app. Services and features include location and proximity, access to geographic information, user authentication, information storage and more. Topoos offers a REST API for programmatic access to their services. An API Key is required.

Visitors VoiceVisitors Voice API: Visitors Voice provides site search analytics, giving developers access to actionable user behavior data. Visitors Voice provides programmatic access to visitor analytics through a REST API. The API gives access to data describing search terms, keywords, user sessions, and much more.

VungleVungle API: Vungle is a video advertising service for mobile phones. Vungle provides solutions for publishers to integrate ad content into their applications and advertisers to get their ads in applications. The Vungle API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Vungle with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

WorkonomicWorkonomic API: Workonomic is a service designed to help freelancers track billable time spent on projects by chatting with a robot called Rab Oto. Using a variety of simple English phrases, users can tell the robot when they start working, when they stop, and any relevant notes they want included with the entry. Workonomics allows users to keep track of many different projects at once. Rab Oto can also ping users after a given amount of time, like an egg timer, or it can send reminders for scheduled events.