40 New APIs: Iconic, FareBookings, and Dweet.io

This week, we had 40 new APIs added to our API directory including a customer engagement marketing platform, a gamification stack, and a sports betting line provider. We also covered how developers and the government are partnering to create next generation mobile applications.

123Cloud SMS Broadcasting123Cloud SMS Broadcasting API: 123Cloud provides UK hosting, domains, and dedicated servers for SMS broadcasting. 123Cloud's SMS services are designed for businesses doing bulk marketing in the UK. Costs start at £0.005 per message, and discounts are available on orders of more than 10 million messages per month. Users can integrate these SMS services into their own websites or applications using the 123Cloud SMS Broadcasting API. The current minimum order for messages sent in this way is 100,000 messages.

Bahrain Center SMSBahrain Center SMS API: Bahrain Center SMS allows users to send both English and Arabic text messages. English messages can have up to 160 characters, and Arabic messages can have up to 70 characters. The Bahrain Center SMS API allows users to integrate the ability to send SMS messages and view their SMS points into their own application.

BitfinexBitfinex API: Bitfinex is a bitcoin trading Platform that provides users with bitcoin wallets and storage, margin trading, and liquidity provisions. The Bitfinex API allows users to access the full functionality of the Bitfinex platform including the orderbook, the personal account data, and other attributes. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. An account is required with service, and both SSL and an API Key are used for security.

Dweet.ioDweet.io API: Dweet.io allows users to share data from mobile, tablets, and pcs, and them to other devices and accounts across social media platforms. Dweet.io provides an API to access the different functionality of the Dweet.io service. Users can make REST calls to read and create dweets, lock and unlock things, and perform other calls. The API returns JSON and JSONP. Pre-built libraries are available for use in JavaScript and Node.js.

Everlanka AdvertisingEverlanka Advertising API: Everlanka Advertising is a Sri Lankan bulk SMS provider aimed at users of all kinds. Its features include a high speed messaging gateway, an address book, one-click bulk SMS delivery, sender ID customization, scheduled SMS, unlimited recipient groups, and message delivery reports. Users can integrate the Everlanka Advertising SMS gateway into their own websites or applications via REST API.

Everyday Bulk SMSEveryday Bulk SMS API: Everyday Bulk SMS allows users to send bulk SMS, schedule SMS for future delivery, customize their sender IDs, view sent SMS, send SMS from a Facebook account, and resell SMS. Lists of recipient numbers can be uploaded in different file formats, and any repeated or invalid numbers are removed automatically. The Everyday Bulk SMS API allows users to send single or bulk SMS and check their SMS balance programmatically.

FareBookings Airport DataFareBookings Airport Data API: Farebookings provides a set of tools to help travels and travel companies. The tools include a taxi fare calculator, a booking service, and other tools. Farebookings exposes it's data on airports through a REST API. The FareBookings Airport Data API has been developed to provide usefull Airports information.The APi is provided for free. Users must provide a IATA AIRPORT CODE, and you will receive information about this Airport, like geoposition, name in different languages and other information.

Intilery Personalisation FirehoseIntilery Personalisation Firehose API: Intilery is a service that provides SaaS customer-engagement marketing technology. This technology allows users to add a tag to their website and through that they can record and analyze all user behavior across various marketing channels. The Intilery API lets developers access customer data for use in their own site or send extra date. With the API developers can track user events, pageviews and more.

IPTranslatorIPTranslator API: IPTranslator, by Iconic Translation Machines Ltd., provides high-quality domain-adapted cloud-based machine translation solutions for the Language Services Industry. These machines are adapted to specific technical industries, providing best-in-class performance and facilitating significant gains in translator productivity. The IPTranslator API allows users to integrate machine translation seamlessly into their applications and workflows and retrieve high-quality translations instantaneously. An account is required with the service.

IsaaCloudIsaaCloud API: IsaaCloud is a cloud-based gamification Stack. The IsaaCloud Engagement API is public. The IsaaCloud API Documentation is public. A developer IsaaCloud account with limited computing, bandwidth, storage capacity is free of charge and available following a simple registration process. Supplied sample engagement scenarios enable small projects to launch without any coding.

Jagrit RechargeJagrit Recharge API: Jagrit Recharge is an Indian company that provides bulk SMS, mobile recharge, and reseller services. Its bulk SMS service comes with Unicode support, multiple number input methods, and the ability to automatically remove duplicate numbers from recipient lists. Users can integrate Jagrit Recharge's bulk SMS capabilities into their own applications using REST, SMPP, or FTP calls.

Large Bulk SMSLarge Bulk SMS API: Large Bulk SMS is a Nigerian provider of bulk SMS messaging services. It offers a variety of features, including two-way SMS, a reseller platform, and more. Users can integrate their own site or application with Large Bulk SMS's online gateway via API. This allows users to send messages and check their account balances programmatically.

Mobyt SMSMobyt SMS API: Mobyt is a messaging service that allows users to send SMS to all mobile carriers in the U.S. as well as carriers in over 100 other countries. Mobyt provides an SMS API that allows users to send SMS from a website or application using REST or SMPP. The API can be used to send single or bulk SMS, send SMS to groups, receive messages, manage contacts, and get reports on specific campaigns.

MSG91MSG91 API: MSG91 provides users with bulk and voice SMS services. A single request can send up to 10,000 messages. MSG91 can be used for one-way or two-way communications. Users can connect to MSG91 programmatically via REST or SMPP, and Sample Code is provided ready to use in PHP, ASP.NET, and Java.

MyNetFone MyText SMSMyNetFone MyText SMS API: MyNetFone provides hosted voice and data communications services - including VoIP and DSL internet - to customers within Australia. One of their services is the MyText SMS API, which allows developers to integrate MyNetFone's SMS capabilities into their own applications, websites, and systems. This API works by issuing secure calls over HTTPS.

Neon SMSNeon SMS API: Neon SMS is an Irish SMS marketing service that uses carrier-grade infrastructure. Developers can integrate Neon SMS's secure online gateway with their own applications via REST API. Users can send SMS to multiple recipients with one call, and all API calls are encrypted using 128-bit SSL. Users can also get delivery reports through the API.

Odds24Odds24 API: Odds24 provides sports betting lines from major bookmakers across the internet. The Odds24 API provides programmatic access to updated odds, live scores, standings, and matches. The API initially covers 100 soccer leagues and odds from 27 bookmakers.

OneAPI4SMSOneAPI4SMS API: OneAPI4SMS is a service for sending and receiving SMS. It can be used to reach more than 800 mobile operators in over 200 countries. Developers can use the OneAPI4SMS API to connect to multiple gateway providers, including Twilio, Nexmo, Zipwhip, Bandwidth, and SMSified. Users don't need to have an account with any other providers to use OneAPI4SMS.

OVERTURES SMSOVERTURES SMS API: OVERTURES SMS is a bulk SMS service that allows users to send text messages in the form of two-way SMS, Flash SMS, and email-to-SMS. Users can create groups of more than 10,000 recipients and send them all SMS with one click. Messages may be sent from the OVERTURES SMS website or desktop application. The OVERTURES SMS API allows users to send single or multiple text messages programmatically via REST or SMPP. Delivery reports are available on demand for all messages sent using either the web interface or API.

planetGRplanetGR API: PlanetGR is a Greek information and social platform, connecting Greeks with other users as well as a wealth of interactive resources. Some of planetGR is exposed through via API. The API allows developers to programmatically retrieve friend lists, retrieve the number of a user’s unseen messages or notifications, upload photos, and deliver information about a given user.

polytraitspolytraits API: Polytraits is a database of biological traits of polychaetes (bristle worms), including information about morphological, behavioral, reproductive and larval characteristics collected from the literature. The polytraits database is exposed through a REST API consisting of two methods. The taxon method searches a taxon name and returns corresponding identifiers. The traits method retrieve traits information for taxon identifiers.

PRAGYA-E-WORLDPRAGYA-E-WORLD API: PRAGYA-E-WORLD is a bulk SMS provider that includes multi-language support (via Unicode), multiple number input options, a random number generator, duplicate number removal, DND (Do Not Dial) number scrubbing, and other features. Users can integrate with these SMS services using the PRAGYA-E-WORLD API, which can be access via REST, SMPP, or FTP calls.

RandomProfileRandomProfile API: RandomProfile is a profile generation service where users can create profiles for use in testing and software creation. The RandomProfile API uses REST calls, returns XML, CSV, or JSON. On each call the API generates two random user profiles from the countries a user selects. These profiles are designed for testing a database in a project such as a dating website, social network, forum or professional network. The results include randomly generated name, surname, address, zip code, country, occupation, date of birth, bank account number, credit card number, height, weight, clothes size and other characteristics.

Recharge BlastRecharge Blast API: Recharge Blast is a platform that allows users to recharge their mobile phones and DTHs from anywhere in India. Another one of their services is a bulk SMS gateway that includes support for Unicode, DND (Do Not Disturb) number scrubbing, and more. Users can access the SMS Portal programmatically via REST, SMPP, or FTP API.

SEO On The Fly SMS MarketingSEO On The Fly SMS Marketing API: SEO On The Fly provides SMS marketing services and can send two-way SMS to mobile phones in over 200 countries. SEO On The Fly SMS Marketing supports GSM and Unicode characters so that users can send texts in any language. Messages may contain up to 459 characters. Users can create custom sender IDs to display for recipients, and delivery success notifications are available for all sent messages.

SFW SMSSFW SMS API: SFW SMS is a Nigerian company that provides cheap SMS delivery and reseller services. Their SMS can reach mobile devices across 700 networks in over 150 countries. The SFW SMS API enables users to integrate with its messaging gateway, allowing them to send messages or check their account balances via REST calls.

SkebbySkebby API: Skebby is a cloud-based SMS service that allows users to send and receive SMS online. Developers can integrate Skebby's SMS gateway with their own website or application using its API. Calls may be issued in REST, SOAP, or SMTP format, and code examples are available in ASP, PHP, and HTML.

SMS123Go!SMS123Go! API: SMS123Go! provides simple bulk SMS services. Users can create their own online contact list, recharge their account, and send SMS from anywhere online. SMS123Go! allows organizations to SMS-enable their helpdesk software, network management, customer relationship management, and other systems. Text messages are limited to 140 characters.

SMSCenter.PKSMSCenter.PK API: SMSCenter.PK allows people anywhere in the world to send SMS to people in Pakistan for free. SMSCenter.PK uses a secure dedicated server running around the clock to ensure fast and reliable service. The SMSCenter.PK API allows users to integrate the ability to send and receive messages into their own sites or applications via REST calls.

SMSEWAYSMSEWAY API: SMSEWAY provides SMS services for both users and resellers. Resellers are able to create their own customized and branded websites without any programming knowledge. The SMSEWAY messaging gateway can be integrated into third-party applications or websites via API, allowing them to programmatically send messages and check account balances via REST calls.

Softnet SMSSoftnet SMS API: Softnet SMS is a Nigeria-based company that provides bulk SMS services for use by individuals, institutions, or organizations. Users can personalize their sender IDs and have messages sent over 800 networks in 160 countries. Registered users can send SMS and check their account balances through the Softnet SMS website or via REST API.

Sport NginSport Ngin API: Sport Ngin delivers web software and mobile applications for youth, amateur, and professional sports leagues. The Sport Ngin platform a sports specific content management system, allowing leagues to provide online registration, schedules, rosters, statistics, member management, tournament software, and much more. The Sport Ngin API allows developers to programmatically manage resources within the platform. Examples of exposed resources include rosters, statistics, league organization, standings, news articles, and much more.

StockVizStockViz API: Stocks an investment trading platform that uses algorithmic trading to provide tools to trade in equities, options, as well as provide futures prices, technical analyses and fundamental data. The StockViz API provides users with access data, news and analytics for stocks, etfs and indices in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. An account is required with service and REST calls are used.

TextBiziTextBizi API: TextBizi is a bulk SMS service based in Zimbabwe. It comes with features that include bulk contact importing, address book merging, history reporting, and more. Developers can connect to TextBizi's SMS gateway programmatically via API in order to SMS-enable their applications, websites, or systems. Available API methods include REST, SMPP, and FTP. Web services and SQL integrations are also available.

TradeVineTradeVine API: TradeVine is an ecommerce solutions service that facilitates TradeMe listing and interactions. TradeVine allows users to get notifications when listings change, create a unique ecommerce store, integrate with Xero, streamline purchases, and evaluate inventory, among other features. The TradeVine API allows users to use REST calls to retrieve data from the TradeMe platform. The API returns JSON, uses SSL and OAuth for Authentication, and an account is required with service.

Trading EconomicsTrading Economics API: Trading Economics provides its users with access to economic data for 196 countries including historical data for more than 300.000 economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, government bond yields and commodity prices. The Trading Economics API allows users to make calls to get a list of countries, get a list of indicators, get a matrix of countries, get indicators by country, and get indicators by category. The API uses REST calls and returns HTML, CSV, and JSON.

VeritransVeritrans API: Veritrans is an online payment gateway for Indonesian markets. The service aims to provide services for credit cards, ClickPay Mandiri, CIMB Clicks, BRI e-Pay, Cash XL, Telkomsel T-Cash, and other payment options. The Veritran VT- Web API allows users to accept payment and because the whole payment process is handled by Veritrans, Veritrans can take care of most of the information security compliance requirements from the bank (Veritrans is certified as a PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider). The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. Users can use the API to get requests that consist of payment status information. With this information, merchant server can update the transaction status in the merchant database

way2easy.inway2easy.in API: Way2easy.in is an Indian bulk SMS service. It uses Unicode to support nine regional languages and can automatically remove duplicate and DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers from send lists. Developers can integrate with way2easy.in's SMS gateway via REST, SMPP, and FTP calls in order to send and receive messages programmatically.

Your Fishing ReportYour Fishing Report API: Your Fishing Report is a social platform for fishing enthusiasts allowing members to send messages, share photos and videos, manage their profiles, connect with friends, and much more. The Your Fishing Report allows users to programmatically manage their profiles, exposing resources such as photo uploading, profile management, notifications and messages, and friends.

ZenviaZenvia API: Zenvia is a leading mobile services provider for Brazil that focuses on helping enterprises connect with their customers. Zenvia users can send text messages in any quantity from the website or API. Not all contact management and analytics services are available through the API, but both web and API methods include the same security measures and infrastructure.